Friday, October 3, 2008

day 1 with equine occupants


Java: (the big dark one we built the barn for because I love her and love caring for her).

Creme: #1 Important Buddy, and adorable little guy. I am the nanny, he has different owners.

Java is not exactly Ms. Adaptable. But, so far, she is did very well last night. Creme so far seems to love his new home. He's being a total pro. Thank you Creme.

Photo at the time of breakfast (just getting light out, photo of me making my way up to the barn this morning)

Creme, being a gelding is much more stable emotionally. Or, is supposed to be. And, Java really likes him. They are definitely buddies.

Turn out: I had hoped that they both would be so excited about grass that they would be mellow, but I was definitely wrong.

I walked the paddock with Creme. I figured he would be calm and cool and just want to graze and chill out, and thought Java would just about tear down the barn since she would be left alone. I was wrong, again.

Creme, while I'm walking him, is rearing, jigging, an absolute handful, being a total punk, very very fresh. I encourage him to calm down, and he does. Wrong again. I fell for it, thinking he was calm, and let him off the lead rope. (yes the gates are closed). He cruised around Mach6 checking for friends, and getting a lay of the land. Finally after a few rounds of the paddock, and me hyperventilating, he chills out and walks around lightly grazing. Java meanwhile is standing still watching and eating hay totally calm (SO ODD). I take the opportunity to muck Creme's stall, while keeping an eye on the guy. He's rolling, having a ball. Then wants to run more. That's the end of that. I bring him in, and he's like "OK, that was fun, I ran around, gave you a heart attack, rolled until filthy dirty, now what?"

Mucked, changed waters, hayed, swept, and I paced around. Then took Java out. She walked calmly like she was ready to act like a responsible adult. I took her off the lead rope, she rolled, then decided to run around to look for Creme, thankfully only at Mach2. We came right back in. I will wait another 30 minutes to have another heart attack and try again.

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Alison said...

haha, my little stinker pony. he was good later though.. they both were! see you in a couple hours dana! =]