Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Navigator

Hm... think I'll go for a ride, now. Hm, Java... want to go for a trail ride? Yes please. OK. I'll throw on this handy dandy blaze orange vest and hope for the best (hint, we did not get shot by a hunter). We have NEVER been on this trail before. We have NEVER trail ridden out the back of our house before off the property. And, yes, about 45 minutes into the ride, of course my phone rang and I happily chatted away for about 15 minutes trying to get a good price on my next shipment of hay...blah blah. Java meanwhile said "you go ahead and talk mom, I'll keep going". SO I chatted and let Java walk along. I hung up as we reached water/stream/swamp and I figured that I should put the phone back in my pocket before dropping it while crossing water. We keep going and going, and eventually I have no idea where we are, but I know we have done a loop of some sort. I did not pay attention while on the phone. I tried to turn around, Java would barely turn around and would not go forward in the direction I asked. We tried this twice in two different areas. In CT you can't get too lost without eventually hitting a road somewhere, so I knew we would be home eventually, but at this point we had been going for over an hour at a brisk walk and occasional power trot (java is the ultimate trail horse). I was completely turned around. I decided to let Java lead the way, and she politely took us home!! It was a beautiful ride, leaves turning, etc. and not only did Java happily go out on a trail alone, but got us home too!! Yeah Java. How cool is that?!

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