Thursday, July 29, 2010

You are invited to chime in with your opinion about this trailer

OK, went to see the trailer.

It looks pretty good.  They have used is about 6 times in the last 2 years for things like taking his tractor to a relative's house, and to help someone move a couple of weeks ago.  When they had horses (that they sold 2 years ago) they used it frequently.

It's a 1989 Kingston, model "Brentwood".
It's 7'4 on the inside (Java likes to try to hit her head, she needs all the room she can get).

Mr. Java's Mom will go with me next to look at it.

Here are photos.  It's not perfect, but seems sound.
Floor looks good from the top and under the trailer.
Lights work.
Turn signals work.
Windows and doors work.
The spring to make the ramp stay shut until you latch it works.
Butt and chest bars work.

Ok, photos:

That's the top left door in the trailer, they work, one is on, one is not.

it has imperfectoins, like this pad.
Replacement pads can be found (yes, I already looked).

Floor looks good, I would want to get any and all old bedding away from the flooring as it looks like a little is still in there.  The owner must have washed it out this morning, it was a little wet in places.

Tires may be fine, but have some cracks...
We would probably want to replace them, but Mr. Java's Mom knows about that stuff, he will tell me what we should do.

The jack thing.  It needs a pin (those are easy to find too).
This stuff all worked well.

So........ what do you think?

They are only speaking with us about selling it - meaning it's not advertised, they have not put the word out.
It's because I called their neighbor and asked about it that they are speaking with us to sell it to us.

I got under it (a little) and it looked fine, but Mr. Java's Mom and I will take another look.

I think we would need to get new tires, add butt bar pads, the chest bar pads need repair, the divider at the bottom is not perfect, that would be good to replace with new material, and I think that's about it...
That could add up.  I have no idea what new tires for a horse trailer cost.
It's a steel frame with aluminum "skin"

I called Kingston and new the trailer cost $6702 in 1989 (it's a 1989).
Their asking price is very very reasonable.  I am not sure it leaves room to negotiate.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I think it looks good. In general I think of Kingston's as reliable, solid trailers. My "main" trailer is a Trail-Et which is also a steel frame, aluminum skin, wood floor. I much prefer a wood floor vs. aluminum as the trailers stay cooler. Mine also has an insulated fiberglass roof which keeps it much cooler inside the trailer as well. Personally I don't love solid dividers but that is a personal thing. You know us horse people, we all have our quirks!

The stuff it needs like the tires and such are pretty minor to me. Also my trailer's interior height is 7'6" (but which in reality measures out to 7'4") which is considered the oversize or warmblood size so height wise I think at 7'4" you are right on the money.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I meant to add if you do purchase the trailer you will realize just how much freedom you have. I can't imagine not having my truck and trailer for emergencies. Plus you can trailer out for lessons, rides with friends, etc. Your own rig is a beautiful thing! I'm on trailer number three at this point in my riding life, and I love it. Current trailer replaced a 3-horse slant load step-up. I learned I don't really like slants and I like having a ramp so I traded it and got a straight load with ramp!

Terry said...

It looks like a winner to me. We have a Equisport, which is almost the same thing as Melissa's Trail-et. We love it. I think ramps are great. I had to haul a very lame horse to the vet once, and I don't think he could have done a step up.

Java's Mom said...

Great comments, I would love to be able to go places. Java and I just poke around here, and we really want to do more without it being a big production.

Mr. Java's Mom looked at it after work and we really like it. As far as I'm concerned, we should get it. I hope he thinks so too... he is still thinking, he likes to plan, where to park it, what to get done on it first, etc....
Hm... maybe we will make the divider not solid... you have a good point. And, it seems like a very good deal, I hope we get it!

Jason said...

Hi Java's Mom;

I expect you'll find that the trailer may need tires and possibly brakes as well as have the wiring gone over and possibly re-done. This is all "normal" maintenance on an older trailer and shouldn't dissuade you from buying it if the price is right.

That said, I would make SURE to get underneath and check the frame and cross members for salt corrosion before I bought it. Salt can eat right through steel frame rails over time and that would be a VERY tedious and expensive fix. Surface rust is fine (and very much expected on a trailer of that age in your climate).