Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some photos of normal moments here:

Just some photos of regular activity/inactivity here...

Java being... Java:

Stretch in for a mid day relaxing nap:

An unfortunately dark "panoramic" shot in the barn.  Sugar is the only one wondering what I'm up to and looking at me.  Stretch and Java have their heads in their stalls eating hay.

Bandy with a bone (between her paws):

Mackie looking a little dorky. 
We were about to go to the pond for a swim (the dogs, not the humans).

They are off, racing to the pond, Bandy's tail a blur.

Soggy dogs playing (aka, Bandy terrorizing Mackie)

And, Java being... Java

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Ashley said...

The photos of Java are adorable, she is so pretty! And love the pup playing pics :)