Friday, July 16, 2010

fence update and general farm stuff

The next chapter of our DOT issue:

DOT meeting yesterday morning. 
We were here and met with a regional DOT person, and a more local representative from the local garage.

The regional person says that she "presumes" the property line is on the other side of the fence, and we have to remove it, move it, whatever, make it disappear.

I explain that the funds for that do not exist right now.

It was not a nice meeting.  Our local DOT person was very helpful, but there is only so much that he can do.

There is a lot to this, and it deserves it own post, or it's own blog.  We are getting different information from all 3 DOT people we have been trying to work with.  I'm considering making a sign and putting it on the fence, directing passers by to a blog to find out what is going on.  Then if we need to take down the fence, the locals will know what is going on, and if someone can help us figure out the setbacks on the road, that would help too.  DOT does not know the property boundaries, and neither do we for the road frontage part of the property... Next week we hopefully will learn more.


The new pens are being used.  They are getting a second phase of completion this weekend, we are putting down mats (the kind with holes) and more gravel to help Java (the footing destroyer) keep things nice. 

Sugar is on restricted turnout/movement for an injury (that's why he is here, to rehab). 
So he got to test out the pens.
Java clearly likes the little guy.  She kept him company for a little while in an adjacent pen.

Uh, Java, you have hay...

Stretch keeping an eye on his girlfriend and making sure to stay where he can see her while grazing:

Java resting.  She has been on stall rest/restricted turnout too since she got her knee injected.
Her knee looks like it will be fine, and she is back to full turnout tomorrow:

See the green plant in front of her window?

It's tomato plants.  When I put them there I never though they would get higher than her windowsill.
So far she is not bothered, and does not want to eat them.  Funny to see though!

I did not bother to put proper tomato cages around them because they were so small when I put the seedlings there.  Now, I could use some tomato cages... but I'm making do with bailing twine and stakes.

I'm taking photos of the next phase of the pens, I am excited that we are integrating the mats (mats with holes) into the project.  The footing is awesome.  But Java will work a certain area and excavate, she's um... needy.  The mats might add just the right bottom to stabilize the footing and keep her from excavating where we don't need it.

More tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

Sugar is very cute - I've never heard of a he-Sugar (we have a she-Sugar at our barn).

Hope you get that fencing issue sorted - it sounds like a colossal waste of your time.

Tomato plant foliage is poisonous - member of the nightshade family. It's unlikely that she'll eat it, but you might want to train it away from her reach out the window just in case.

Java's Mom said...

Kate, your last two comments are so helpful! Thank you for your DOT/fence advice in the prior post, you brought up excellent things to look into.

And, I did not know nightshade included the tomato family... the second I see her look twice at that plant, it's gone, thank you for telling me. Thankfully for Java, and us (looking forward to home grown tomatoes) she does not give it a second thought, not even a test-nibble. But I will watch things carefully, and she always has her stall stuffed with hay, so I"ll make sure she is not tempted to try it out of boredom. Thank you Kate!

Jason said...

I don't know how municipal road allowances work in CT but I am quite familiar with how they work in TN and in Ontario. Down here the road allowance is an easement on *your* property, so many feet on either side of the center line. In Ontario, the road allowance was owned by the government and was typically 33 feet on either side of the center line. Just FYI.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Yeah, 33 ft from the c/l is typical. When we bought our property, the existing fence was 30 ft from the c/l. After I had the property surveyed, the nice fella told me about the setback, which I promptly ignored. I'll move the fence if someone complains, and then it's still a maybe. 1000 ft of fence posts is more than I want to move right now.

Java's Mom said...

Hey all, I trimmed the tomato plants way way down. No worries now. I drove me nuts, thank you for the info Kate!