Friday, July 9, 2010

fencing staples for the all weather pens and a couple of horse pics

The usual view, but the temps are hot.
The horses are dealing very well with it. 
We have trees and cool shade.
I am coping, hydrating, and changing clothes a lot.
That's alright with me, these are good problems.

The "pens" still look like this.
It's been hot, and we can finish the fencing and gates this weekend.
So, there has not been a need to potentially drain Mr. Java's Mom's enthusiasm for farm improvements and put him to farm-work here after he gets home from job-work.

We have only gotten to the staples phase of fencing in the pens.
We pound the staples in a little, and then run the fence through.
It is not a great idea to pound staples first for large areas, but for this small area, it makes sense (efficiency sense) since the fencing doesn't need to be pulled too far.
The staples are little "U"s.
Then we string the fence through, and pound the staples in more.
As we proceed with the project, I'll explain more with pics.

Stretch has really been enjoying his days.
Long days out grazing, watching his girlfriend Java, and relaxing.
This photo is right after they were brought in for dinner.
His muzzle is covered with his mash dinner (wet senior grain) and he gazes out the window,
bottom lip drooping, getting ready for a little snooze.
It's hard work eating and putting on weight.  He is doing a great job.

He's a cutie.  And, so pretty.  I'll work on better photos of him.
I absolutely love him, and so does his owner. 
His personality is pretty unique, which adds to the mix, in a good way.
Hey Stretch, nice slobber on the barn.  :)

Hey baby.
And, just in case Java sees this post, I don't want to leave Java out of the scene. 
She knows and so appreciates how loved she is.
Her eyes are glowing because the flash kicked in.  Oops.

The camera is about done with taking pictures for me.  I can get about three photos out, then it quits.
Hopefully I can nurse it along for a few more days until I have time to get out for a new one.


Anonymous said...

Stretch looks very happy - and he should be, living with you!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Glad Stretch is doing so much better, I know that is a welcome change for you!

Terry said...

Mr. Javas Mom is a good man to have around!

Joe said...

try my tostadas