Thursday, July 29, 2010

chock full of events and news

Ok Ok Ok, there has been so much going on!!!

First, Stretch: 
he has been very very sick, since March.  It is not contagious, without airing all of his details (since he's not my horse, I think I should keep it somewhat "private"), he almost left us for horsey heaven a couple of times.  His loving owner, our amazing fabulous incredible vet, and I stuck it out and...  He is all better!  The vet pulled final bloodwork on him this week, and it's normal.  The news brought tears to my eyes, and I actually almost fell out of my chair.  He looks good, feels good, and is putting on weight.  The easiest way to describe it is that he had in infection in his abdomen, surgery was not an option, so we had to find the right antibiotic to kill the infection, (it only took 6 meds to finally land on the right combination) and it looks like there was SUCCESS.  This is huge.  This is just wonderful news. 

Her knee was injected as I think I mentioned.  It's better.  Improved, check that off the list.  Radiographs were taken first and there are no bone chips, good news.
And, she is still chowing copious amounts of Doxy for her Lyme, and she seems fine.  We'll pull blood again in September and see where we land on the titer.

Sugar Bear:  is adorable, and has the most amazing manners.  His lameness rehab/vacation here is going great.

The pens still ROCK.

And... you know how we are nuts about manure/composting/farm management?  Well... we somehow have flies.  I hate flies.  So... I broke down (I'm a horribly frugal yankee) and bought Fly Predators!!!  They arrived, and I spread them yesterday.

Meet my new friends:

Yes, I read the instructions carefully:

Just making sure I have enough:

You are supposed to get 1,000 fly predators per horse.  We have 3 horses here.  Well, I'm not messing around, I ordered 10,000.  With follow up shipments of 5,000 for the next two months.  Then cold weather (wah) will come and the flies will be gone anyway.  The paddocks/pens are 99% free of flies right now.  The flies are IN the BARN.  It's so bright and airy, that the flies made it their house.  You know can understand why I'm pissed, and waging an unfair war against them. 

I always wondered what they look like... and they look like teeny tiny bees/ants with wings
 and appear to be delicate.  Squashable. 

Around and in the barn they went:

Then to the manure cabana.

After I sprinkled them around, I found myself tip toeing around the stalls... hoping to not squash them.

Today, I'm going to look at a used horse trailer for sale.  Can you believe it!?!  It's not listed for sale... the owners live down the street, and if you crane your neck while driving... you can see what I'm pretty sure is an old Kingston horse trailer parked wayyyy off the road at their house.  I know one of their neighbors, called them they gave me their number, and since I asked, they would be interested in selling it.  YES!  They had horses, competed in Dressage (which I consider a plus, since anyone I have ever know that competes in Dressage is a little... um... particular and fussy, this is a compliment), etc, and they don't have the horses anymore and the trailer has been sitting there...   I'm taking photos when I go today.

Of course there is plenty of other stuff going on, but I don't want to make you read too much.  The fence issue is on hold... we are hoping that the DOT forgets about it.  Not likely, but that's the status.  I'll call that "wait and avoid see" status.

Yep, Java doing this again:


Anonymous said...

Good news about all the equines! We haven't tried the fly predators yet but I think we may - be sure to let us know how they work.

the7msn said...

Here's some unsolicited advice from someone who bought a used horse trailer that had been "sitting there" for prepared to replace alot of stuff, beyond the obvious. When I bought my used trailer, I immediately had the floor replaced and bought new tires. Then came the wiring. Then came the brakes (the arms (?) that make the brakes work had rusted together from sitting so long). Then came the jack (the teeth on the gears had worn down). There's nothing left to replace now, so I think I'm good to go for awhile.

Java's Mom said...

7MSN, thank you for your advice! What a bummer for you, of course we would not want to go through what you did! :)