Friday, July 23, 2010

They like the pens... maybe too much

Java loves her new little buddy Sugar Bear.

She has lots of grass that she sometimes will work had at mowing down.
Here is a moment with Java working hard, look at that work ethic!

Then, she sometimes will call for me (truly, like yell for me in the house, or wait for me to pull in the driveway, then tell me what she wants)... which is "I'm tired from all this mowing I need a nap, and I prefer to nap with the company of my friend Sugar.  He's so snuggly".

So, I put her in "her" pen, she promptly put her head over the gate into his pen, and she dozed off. 
He happily ate hay while she snoozed:

He is a really good little guy.  He is only here for a short time for rehab (lameness) so I hope she takes it well when he leaves.  But if by some incredible stroke of luck, he stays, she will be so happy.

Here they are on a totally different day, happy as can be in the gravel pens... uh guys... there is grass!! 
Sugar cannot go out into a large turnout space yet, Java and Stretch are being excellent hosts and keeping Sugar company... close company.

I look up, pray for sanity, and decide the weathervane looks pretty good for a photo.

Uh, Java, aren't you a little hot... there is shade in the grass paddock this time of day...

Nope, I want to be near my buddy Sugar.

These horses!!  They will do what you want, sometimes... with patience, and just the right weather.  As the temps got out of the 90s yesterday, Java grazed all morning, came in for a nap (with her gang) then they went out until a record late time until coming in for the night. 

He is pretty cute:


Terry said...

What a good life! Java looks wonderful - all shiny - and you can see how content she is.

Lori Skoog said...

Java's Mom! I found you through Moondance Ranch and have checked out all your postings. You have a beautiful barn and did a great job with the pens. Java is gorgeous and so are the others. They are all lucky to have such a great place to live and get turned out on such nice pastures.