Thursday, July 15, 2010

new camera and neighbor drama

The camera situation.  Mr. Java's Mom had a really nice camera, which I "adopted" and killed.  I got almost two years out of it.  But, eventually it could no longer function. 

The old camera:
The shutter is stuck open, and other problems. 
You were good to me little guy, sorry to have accelerated your demise

I arrive at Staples and announce that I want the cheapest camera because I will kill it fast in the conditions I will probably put it through.  Well, they make a camera for people like us!  It's waterpoof up to 10 ft of water, can be dropped from 5 ft high, you can wash it off, dunk it, let it get rained on, horse snot, dropped in wet grass, jammed in my pocket with hay, withstand below freezing temps(!), and is supposed to work after a couple of years of that abuse.

So far; me likey.  It's called the Olympus Stylus Tough.  Staples had a sale and I had a coupon, so it was not too much.  More than I wanted to spend, but if I don't have to get a new camera in the next year, I"ll come out ahead.  I'm not saying yet that I would recommend this camera yet, I'm still getting to know it.

Horse stuff will have to be in the next post, this issue is important, and stupid, but hey...
I have edited this because my husband wants me to.
OK, neighbor drama.  A complaint came in about our fence.  Might be a next door neighbor, maybe not... but I do wonder...:)
We do have a neighbor named Jim, he has told me that he does not like the fence, but it may or may not be him.  Nobody is telling us who, but the stories are a little wishy washy that they point in a certain direction.  But, it's not important who complained, the DOT is on our case, and it hurt$! (yes hurts with a $).

This is what happened:
Moosie leaves.
Java is screaming.
My phone rings (cell).
The person on the other line starts in that he is with the state DOT (Department of Transportation) there has been a complaint about our fence out front, and... actually aside from this guy being really mad at me, getting extremely frustrated that Java keeps interrupting the call with absolute enormous neighing, and this guy's cell phone cutting out, we did not get to that part.  But he was not nice, not professional, not helpful... to the point that when the "conversation" is done, I hang up the phone in tears.  I was not having a bad day, Moosie had just left, on time, with her humans, that made me happy.  I was getting the barn ready for Sugar, that is wonderful, this guy reduced me to tears.  Not before I told him he could have this conversation in person, since I could not figure out what he was talking about.

Well, today, at 10:00 we have a meeting, with the DOT.  We did not install that fence.  We were going to replace it years from now with something of our taste, but it is going to be expensive, and baby Java needs meds, the garage needs a roof, etc. so...  Anyway, it is one thing to have an issue, BUT it is a whole other thing to do something that will cost someone money.  We will soon find out if we will have to remove or relocate the fence in front of the house.   Maybe the little green trees too ($!Dammit).  Because we live on a state road, and there are a certain number of feet off the road that the state and we share, and certain things can and cannot be done on those few feet.  I like to comply with rules, laws, easements, but do not like it when surprises come up and cost us money.  We'll fine out soon... 

Photos of the fence (yeah, we probably would not have chosen that style, but we're working on other things right now and it does serve a purpose).

This house was built in the 1700's.  There has been a fence in front of it for a long time, this fence was installed about 10 years ago, two owners ago, to replace another fence, which was probably there for 30 years, which probably replaced a livestock fence of some sort that was there for a looong time, etc. 

20 mins until the big meeting...


Terry said...

Oh no! Your neighbor is a butt-head! I think the fence looks fine, he's just being an a** to make trouble. I hope they have some kind of "grandfather" rule for your fence and trees.

The house next door to us is for sale, and we are hoping for great horse-friendly neighbors like all our current neighbors. I sure hope we don't get a butt-head like Jim.

Java's Mom said...

Terry! You are funny!! Heck, with all this going on, I want to move... we can be your new neighbor in CO.

JJ said...


I think that's a nice fence! Who is the jerk that complained? I swear, some people need to get lives!

Jason said...

Goodness me. Sounds like somebody is raisin' a ruckus over nothing. Since I have no pride whatsoever, my answer would be to move the fence off the right of way and create a new one made out of tractor tires, used roofing tin and barbed wire and then whitewash the whole mess ! :)

Java's Mom said...

Jason, I LOVE that idea.

Anonymous said...

Check your options - it may be grandfathered due to the fact a fence has been there for a long time. You could always volunteer to remove it if needed for future road maintenance or construction.

And when you bought your house, was this mentioned as a problem in the legal surveys/title searches - if not, you may have recourse against your title insurance company for not having picked up the problem.

I'd be real sure that DOT has a legitimate (and legal) beef before spending any $ to remove or fix anything. Spending a few hundred $ to hire a lawyer might back them off some, and could clarify if you have a real issue - don't let them bully you.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I was thinking along the same lines as Kate. This fence preceded you and no one ever said it was a problem so I am hoping no one can make it your problem. Hope it all works out - update us!

Java's Mom said...

You all have excellent points. Whoever complained is a butt head, somebody is raisin' a ruckus about nothing, and our attorney will need to help us figure out if there is a title issue. I'll update later today after I get out for some more photos. Thank you everyone! :)