Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a new post coming up later today

I'll put up an update post later today about:
The new pens are done, look great and I love them.
Moosie/Lucie left yesterday, she gave her 30 days notice, which flew by so I had not broken the news to you all yet.  But, it was very much so the right more for the horse and owner, and I'm happy too.
New arrival comes in today.  Very exciting.
The neighbor (the new one) is making life difficult here, he's a real gem, thanks JIM, you're a treat.
Java got her knee injected yesterday.  I'll show you what it looks like and why.
Java got a Lyme test (blood draw) in 2007, it was 0, as in zero, that's the best it can be.
Java got another Lyme test, she's low positive.  Meds start today.

Hm... this might be more info than for one post, but I'm keeping the camera going as much as I can until I have time to get a new one so there will be pics.

Either way, at least things aren't boring!  ha.

I'll post later, thanks for understanding.  :)


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

We have a resident here (came from Boston) that has chronic lyme disease. I think his owner told me she's been dealing with it for five years now, he's been here 2.5 years. He is currently being treated with 80 doxy pills twice a day. Yes, 160 pills a day for 30 days - fun!! (He is a big boy and has been walked across the scale at the clinic to get an accurate weight - 1850 lbs - 17.3h Selle Francais!)

Java's Mom said...

Java is on 50 2x a day... i am really hoping (freaking out) that we get lucky and kick this titer down with one course of doxy. I was wrong, it's moderate postive, not low. OK, so how do you get him to eat 80 pills 2x a day... I know you feel the same way, but they are so worth the trouble. :)

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I am very lucky in that I put the pills in his feed and he eats them! He is also used to eating well soaked feed every day anyway, and it is so much easier to hide and mix stuff in when the feed is really wet. If he wouldn't eat them my vet told me to use my coffee grinder (I keep one in the barn for meds) and grind them up, put them in a syringe with water and squirt it in. Your vet can also order you a liquid suspension as well so you could skip the grinding and mixing with water part. My vet offered to do that for me the other time we had to treat this horse for Lyme but as it turned out he just ate the pills so I was lucky.

I wouldn't be freaking out, Lyme is typically very treatable. It can become chronic so you may have to treat again in the future. FWIW we don't even check titers on this horse anymore, we go strictly by symptoms. He always has a titer somewhere in the low positive range but that is most likely just do to his chronic issues with it, none of his vets either here or in Boston think he is an active case of Lyme all the time.

Java's Mom said...

I would do anything for Java, but after dealing with a catheter for stretch, I do not want to deal with it for Java too! So, thank you so much for the encouraging words, and the doxy will just have to do the trick. so far she is eating them, I have to disguise them well, but that's a lot nicer for both of us than mixing and squirting. Stretch looks at Java like, haha, now you have to get meds!!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Glad she eats them. BTW if you need the liquid suspension of doxy in case she decides not to eat them it is still oral, you just don't have to go the trouble of grinding and mixing with water. It is already done for you so you can just draw it up into a syringe and dose them orally. Or you can always do a catheter and do oxytet. but I don't blame you for wanting to avoid that option!