Friday, August 13, 2010

the new toy

We bought the trailer! 

We tried to go somewhere... I did not have enough time to practice loading to make it a perfect day... but hoped it would work out (hey, I'm hopelessly optimistic).  It did work out, but Java stayed home.  She is not keen on the butt bar yet (Java: "I don't like being trapped"), and I chickened out on making her keen on the butt bar ("I spoil my horse and let her dictate my life").

My mom snapped this awesome photo right after I decided to give up.  She loaded (she has that part down pat), but she almost exploded when we put up the butt bar. So I said, DONE, here's your treat, I love you but don't want to kill you in your new metal box toy today, so let's put you back in your stall, mom and I are going to watch the show.

We practice trailer loading frequently now... but the big hurdle is getting her to stand when we put up the butt bar.

We are talking: 
Java: "Just ride me there"
Me:  "Java, there is a huge river (the Connecticut River) between here and there, we will never be able to swim it and make it in time for our dressage test time".

more photos of the trailer and the gang shortly...


Terry said...

Oooo! You both look really sharp!
Not to worry - she'll get used to the butt bar in time. Glad you got the trailer.

Anonymous said...

Are there any "butt bar-like exercises" you could do with her - such as holding a rope across her hindquarters (not in the trailer), to get her used to the feel (if it's the feel rather than the being enclosed that's the issue)?

Java's Mom said...

she will let us touch her with the butt bar, hold it up touching her, bang it around, but when it's latched... oh boy does she dissaprove. She's a little bossy. :)

I'm working on just getting her bored with the trailer, then hopefully if she does get mad when the butt bar is up, she will get over it safely. I'm adding the word "stand" to her vocabulary, that might help her too. She knows the word now, but it's different when she is in the trailer... she gets a little pissed.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I'm sure Java will be hopping on the trailer in no time and standing like a lady while you put the bar up!

Congrats on having wheels!

allhorsestuff said...

My mare has a "straight load fear" and I would be having the exact issues as you...bout now. I would invest in a nice "head bumper" piece of gear though...should bumper bar come to shove...she will go up.
You both looked so nice!!