Tuesday, June 16, 2009

we have a winner

My dear blog world friends... we have a winner: a new boarder. I think they are going to be a great fit. There are a couple more boarder options out there, but one at a time...

Her horse is not here yet (will come at the end of the month). Her horse Sunny (has a full name, but we'll call him that for now) is 3, well mannered, calm and sounds great. He and Java are going to try to go out together when they are ready. Java would love to have a turnout buddy! Although, I do wonder, this home alone stuff is fascinating. She is the most relaxed, happy and wonderful that I have ever known her and it's amazing to me that it is while she is here home alone. I am astonished, and down right psyched that she's so happy.

And, I've been riding more lately. Java and I of course love this. So, I asked Mr. Java's Mom to take some pictures, or video. He took this photo...

He took a photo of his fabulous composting station that is in the process of being built. WOW, Mr. Java's Mom, that's nice. Thank you for making the best, sturdiest manure into dirt no flies station ever. It's actually a pretty cool set up, but that will become a blog post all on it's own.

And the video... well, he got me coming up to the jump, and after, but not actually going over, and a lot of the ground. Then the camera battery died. Practice makes perfect, so we'll keep at it and eventually post some photos of horse and rider.

Plus, my superstar brother is in the Army 101st Airborne Demonstration team and they jumped in CT. This is a rarity since they are usually jumping into Nascar events or football games, but I got to see my brother jump and hang out with the team.

My brother insisted that I bring the dogs, Bandy was up for the trip. Mackie stayed home with Mr. Java's Mom who had to be on-call for work (not on the farm, at his job).

My Mom and Bandy at the event. My brother has done over 951 jumps, but we are nervous anyway. I do wish that I had recorded my mother's commentary as Max (my bro) was in the sky, it would have been very funny, she was pretty nervous:

Then, somehow I take only blurry photos for the rest of the day, greeeaaaattt.

They landed, Bandy watched, thought it was cool, and I caught this face (not blurry, how odd)

Then the 101st Airborne team came over to Mom's and hung out, ate, and played wiffle ball in the rain. Their base is in Kentucky, so they were happy that it was not humid. I loved the whole thing, the jump, chatting with my brother and his teammates, etc.

I look at this lawn and think... yep, Java would like it here.

And, it's still raining here daily... sometimes the sun comes out and it seems like the whole region stops for a second... is that the... sun? YES, ah, that is so nice... then the sun gets taken over by clouds and it starts raining again. And, it's still in the 50's. I have on a turtleneck a fleece vest and a fleece jacket right now. That's OK.


Amy said...

that is a gorgeous piece of property! is that your mom's house? Holy Moly
i think you should trim the hair in bandy's eyes. just trim the bangs up so his eyes are not full of hair. please.http://javasbarn.blogspot.com/
javas barn

Java's Mom said...

Ha, sure amy, I'll trim her hair for you. Actually because it was trimmed when she came here it is growing out now, and should be better and easier for her to see when it is longer and parts away from her eyes. BUT, I might break down before that and trim it away from her eyes (I have trimmed little bit right in front of her eyes). When I do pull her hair back with a pony tail holder, the bright sun is too bright for her eyes and she does not like the bright sun. We'll figure it out. Thanks for your concern though, Bandy appreciates all the love. I might have to eventually trim it, but I'm trying to hold out for her natural long hair so it can protect her eyes and still let her see. :)

Anonymous said...

How nice that you have a new boarder - can't wait for pictures!

Amy said...

i dont know why the blog address shows on the bottom of my earlier post. i have a shih tzu and she doesnt like the hair in her eyes. often the hair irritates her eyes, literally sweeping on the eye balls!!