Thursday, June 11, 2009


Semi-boring post. The dogs are even bored by it.

It is still raining.

The end result of all the water that washed across to the neighbors driveway/house and down the street is OK. The builder neighbor went across the street with one of his machines and re-graded the downhill neighbor's driveway for her. Everyone is happy for now. Ducks were swimming in our little pond that was created from the downpour, but that's OK. The dogs and Java are wondering where the sun went. Java is getting a lot of hand grazing mixed in with turnout. She is keeping the lawn around the house pretty tame.

She did unfortunately step on one of the dog's toys during a little hand grazing session, it squeaked, she JUMPED (on it twice by mistake while trying to figure out what the heck it was) and made new entertaining hoof prints in the lawn, but Mr. Java's Mom (the groundskeeper) did not mind. I feel like the poor girl is bored, so Java and I are at least getting in a lot of riding lately (carefully planned so far between rain showers). We have picked a spot for the ring. Rain or shine, I'll take some photos of the area. It is near the gazebo and with all of this rain, it's been dry (non horse people are NOT going to understand this term 'dry', but I don't think it's worth explaining). We have been riding in that area to see what we think. Java and I think it's perfect. Java seems to be in decent shape, I am SO out of shape, legs are way weak. Arms are fine, mucking has helped with that.

Still raining... This is a funny story. My mother asked me if the dogs have a hearing problem (seriously) because they seem to ignore me a lot, especially when I am on the phone with her. I told her that their hearing was fine... she wondered how I could test it. I replied to her with. "how do I know the dogs can hear? because they look at me on cue from 100 feet away after I call their names, then they turn back in the opposite direction and run into the pond to go swimming". I was too far away to take her picture at the time of this "hearing test" but a photo of Bandy swimming, even if the photo is from a couple of days ago, is always fun.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

That photo of Brandy swimming is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the swimming dog! It's the white ones who always like to get the dirtiest!

Boring can be really nice!