Monday, June 1, 2009

Bliss Mode

Wow, it's like being on vacation! Java is peaceful, relaxed, and doing very well. She will definitely be happy when another horse and eventually two horses join us, but she is tolerating her only-equine-on-the-property situation well. Extremely well.

She gets her choice of paddocks, hand grazing around the house, super extra extra attention, and we are riding too. As I look out the window now, she is in the paddock resting, enjoying a beautiful day, not a fly to be found (no fly mask today, yay!), sunshine and a light breeze, totally relaxed. Next door has been quiet for about a week as they are working on projects that apparently are not noisy. Wow, I love it here.

Over the weekend:

Java in the top paddock:

Java looking at the new neighbor's big new shed. Looks like a giant run in shed to us. Java and I like it. He is using it to store vehicles and it will eventually have a door.

With the whole place to herself, Java sometimes dines outside. Mackie cleans up any bits of grain.

Bandy says "I can't see real well, is that Mackie in the paddock, or did we get a mini?"

And, we had some trees cleared last week:

And, Mr. Java's mom is prepping the newly cleared property. We are making another grass paddock.

Java grazing, again. This one-horse deal is at least good for the grass in the paddocks, they are getting some rest!

I have had 4 stall inquires so far. One person needs three stalls and a less expensive place (I'm $475 to $525 depending on the needs of the owner/horse), one person wants a different part of the state, one person has not replied to my reply e-mail (HELLO), and one person is coming to visit tomorrow. Not bad for a little less than a week.
In the mean time, Java and I are totally enjoying our vacation.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Enjoy your "vacation" while it lasts. When it rains it pours - you'll be full again soon!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Are your rates in the norm for your area?

Around here that much will get you a private stall, your own pasture, daily grooming, handwalking, all the feed, a heated indoor riding arena and a lighted outdoor arena, saddling prior to your arrival and cool down after you leave.

Java's Mom said...

Thanks!! I hope I get two wonderful horses, Java does too!

Java's Mom said...

Cedar View: actually that is low for the area. I'm in CT. Private stall, that's funny, it's the only kind I've ever heard of. The care here is the works, and then some. Although, I have not done carrot cakes for b-days like Melissa... :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with finding new boarders. But it must be nice to have a break for a little bit.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

In my area your prices would be considered very reasonable.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Wow, never fails to amaze me how prices vary.