Monday, June 22, 2009

the usual

You have not missed much here lately:

Rain, rain and more rain.
Our new boarder will be here in about a week.

Java is perfect.

Grass is growing, trees are growing loving the rain.

Mr. Java's Mom is almost finished building the composting station.

She's out right now, in blustery wind. Tree branches in the top field flying, she is safe and sound in the paddock by the barn. Then it started to rain, I rushed to the paddock gate figuring that the princess would definitely want to come in. Nope.


Anonymous said...

We're about to need an ark, ourselves, and if we build one we'll float by and pick you (and Java) up!

Java's Mom said...

Hey Kate, in case we ever need that ride on the ark, thank you! That's very sweet. :)