Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the life of Java

The life of Java... memememe, JAVA.

Well, here is an example of a slice of her busy day. This morning... After a stroll and graze in the top paddock, she did a light workout and then relocated to the lower paddock for this:

Yes, I know this video is boring, that's the point. I think it's funny.

Oh, and the person who came to look at the barn yesterday for her horse was very nice. Her horse cribs though... and needs what seems like a lot of accommodations... but Java is needy, so I feel that I should be fair... but for some reason I'm hesitating. I have to call her today and let her know... hm, thinking...


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

We all wish we could be Java!

jmk said...

You probably know that some horses crib out of stress. So at your peasceful place with lots of turnout and attention, the cribbing may subside, unless it's become just a habit. Some horses crib due to stomach acid/ulcers. I'd hate to see your beautiful barn get chewed on, maybe ask a few more questions about the cribbing...when it started and how long has the horse been doing it. I'm a "when in doubt, don't person". Maybe it will work out fine, but what it there's someone out there that doesn't crib? Good luck!
Java has the life! ;-)

Amy said...

listen to your gut. you can find a perfect fit. can you go see her horse before it comes to your place? you dont want a boarder who is going to make your life hell