Thursday, June 25, 2009

java me me me

You know, aside from the sun rarely shining, it's been a nice start to Summer. Not a typical fly to be found, some gnats, some mosquitoes (interesting, mosquitoes like potatoes, did not know it had an oes at the end... you learn something new everyday), and lots and lots of grass.

Java started her morning up top:

Then she decided that she would like me to keep her company and asked that I join her (staring at me and nickering). However, I have other things to do (usually) and could not hang out up top with her. Hey, Java and I are very close and since she has been so good here alone as we wait for the right horses to join us, that I actually will keep her company sometimes. But, today, she decided that if I was not going to hang out in the paddock with her, she would run. Run like a wild beast and make big trenches in the corner for Mr. Java's Mom to give me flack about later. She is such a show off. I let her run and blow off a little steam while I prepped the stall for Sunny's arrival next week.

Then Java got to go out into her favorite paddock. This paddock has the shortest grass though because she likes it so much. But, how can I resist, I love my girl. We are going for a marathon trail ride later today as she seems to have some spunk to her today. If I'm good, I'll remember to bring the camera.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Java is such a pretty mare. I think you said she was Selle Francais? Do you happen to know her specific breeding - I am a bit of a pedigree junkie. :)

Java's Mom said...

Hi Melissa! Thank you so much, she is pretty, I am very lucky. My mom will be thrilled that you asked... I'll do a post on Java's breeding, my mom has been bugging me to do one. Yes, she is a registered 1997 Selle Francais, Bonjour x French Connection (mostly TB mom, Java was her last baby), and Bonjour was at stud at Hamilton Farm in MA, and passed away a couple of years ago, he was very popular. I got Java when she was 3 1/2 and I am soooo lucky.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I always loved Bonjour!