Friday, June 5, 2009

Famous Java

Java is still living the same life of bliss, the only drama has been a nasty horse fly that got under her fly sheet and bit her several times. She will survive. Yes, I rushed to her rescue, and whisked the fly sheet off as she was thrilled to prove to me yet again that these silly human remedies like a fly sheet are sometimes counterproductive.

The Java Moment yesterday:

Mr. Java's Mom and I had finished our glorious late day grounds maintenance chores, and I was getting ready to go into the house. Java had just eaten dinner (routine is key for the little only-horse-on-the-farm), and she was looking out her window having a vogue cover shoot fashion moment.

This is no stretch of the imagination that Java loves to show off. She has actually been in a photo shoot, and her photo (with the portrait subject, totally not related to me aside from some 6 degrees of separation type thing) on display in a gallery on Park Ave in NYC. I was invited to the exhibition opening, and it was so exciting to hear people comment on the portrait, and I looked a little out of place, I did not have on fur, diamonds and am not a supermodel. That's OK.

Here are the other portraits done for the exhibition:

Here is her big deal shot:

And, here she was, yesterday evening looking for another photo shoot opportunity, but it was only me with the camera and no lighting, or make up, or stylist.

And, then the object that has her attention approaches. It's Mr. Java's Mom on the John Deere 2305. She loves Mr. Java's Mom, seriously, she is incredible around him. Anyway, as the only equine on the property, she has to know everything that is going on, and her ears do double time to keep up on the sights AND sounds as he approaches. Yes, I spend a lot of time home with the animals and think these things are amusing. Yes, I'm OK with that.

By the way, the photo of Java was from 2004. My mom has been bugging me for 5 years to get her a copy... this will open that can of worms. Mom, I swear I'll get to it... some day...


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures from then, and now! How did she get in a photo shoot?

Java's Mom said...

Hi Kate! The photographer and I have a mutual friend. He wanted a dark horse for the photo and asked her if she knew of the right horse for the portrait. She called me up and put us in touch. He came out and met Java and thought she was exactly what he was looking for. Of course, I thought it was so exciting, that I happily offered Java. It was so fun, especially to see the portrait in NYC in the exhibit.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Buffy and Java would probably run in the same social circles!

Amber Mac said...

That pic is so cool! sorry I haven't commented lately-I've been doing lots of speeches for anti horse abuse and slaughter, and haven't had any time between that, travelling softball, riding lessons, and finals for school. Anyways, I just read the farm tour, and it was really awesome! I just love your barn!