Thursday, May 7, 2009

we made it through the rain... almost.

We have had days of rain... and yesterday... the sun came out.

I was mucking stalls, watching the horses, shocked at the unexpected sunshine, and the Barry Manilow song with some words in it "I made it through the rain" was stuck in my head. Java was in the top paddock, alone, and happy. She has never been up there alone and happy before. Her best girlfriend in the whole world was right near by in the "pear tree paddock" (the one right outside the barn).

Then all hell broke loose. Maggie went into some tizzy, whinnying a deep unlady like whinny and demanding that I bring her in. I am watching the grass under her hooves get obliterated and decide that if she is going to rip up all of the grass she should come in too. However, she would now make herself impossible to catch: rearing at the gate, big mare close to the gate rearing, then, after I called her a little swear word, she turned around and bucked toward the gate (with precision, not hitting the gate). As I am still standing there with her halter in my hand she attempts to prance around in the only mud slipping and sliding and making these cow-whinny noises. All I can say is that one thing is clear: at this point the neighbors are SURE that we are not normal. Meanwhile, Java is utterly distraught that her best girlfriend in the whole world is upset (not that any of us know why she is upset aside that I am not fast enough at getting her halter on her while she is rearing and bucking). Java is watching Maggie from the top field, and I see her run and make a lonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg sliding stop... on her side. This of course did not make me appreciate Maggie's behaviour even more as she is still dramatically freaking out. I saw Java get up, and it looked like all four legs were moving without trouble, and I focused on Maggie. Finally, she allowed (got over herself) me just long enough to get her halter on after her spectacular freak show. I had one brief discussion with Maggie asking that she try to remember the manners that I am sure she was brought up with. Now I am sure the neighbors are watching. Man, I hope those trees we planted along the front and side grow fast.

Maggie calmed down, acted like a perfect lady and was put into her stall.

Java now is dying for me to come out and tell her what the heck just happened. She is looking me right in the eye as she has her head as high as she can stretch, and I want to see if she is OK. Danny meanwhile does not care what is going on.

Java is OK, nicely coated in mud after her involuntary slip and slide. It was an excellent gnat deterrent though. She stayed close to me in the pear tree paddock for a while.

Maggie went back out later, for hours, and was so happy and calm.

Danny got some bonus time out in the top paddock and later the popular pear tree paddock as a reward for being a good boy and not acting like a fruit loop (that particular day). I'm glad everyone is OK, and still happy!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just don't know what sets them off. We had one big slip and flop next to our round bale when the horses were running around, but no harm done.