Friday, May 22, 2009

The animals have taken over

The animals have taken over.

Java and Maggie are as happy as can be. With Danny gone, they now have their own sorority house. I though they would become totally unglued with our their adorable boyfriend. Well, the opposite is the case. They are incredibly quiet, and it is just awesome. They are going out early, coming in to rest and get away from some lingering gnats, then go out for a long afternoon and early evening graze. Simply wonderful.

This morning...

Java out:

Maggie out:

Then they asked to come in. Yes, I accommodated them. My dad is coming to visit and the less factors to worry about right now the better. I have to try to get everything ready in a matter of hours.

Java in:

Maggie in:

These girls are this QUIET (video):

Then, Mackie has raised the level of love for the car. It's his spot. This is insane.

It's a gorgeous day, and I want the dogs to come with me to dump the manure. Hmmm.... where could Mackie be:

So (with much effort) I get these guys away from the car, up to the back of the property where they disappear. They finally come full blast running back to the house, proud as can be of their unsupervised time in the back of the property, WET. These two turkeys took themselves swimming, probably terrorizing the koi, and reappear soaking wet and bursting with pride of their field trip.

Luckily, Bandy went wading, not full swim, and Mackie is soaking.

The partners in crime:

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Anonymous said...

Nothing better than peaceful horses! I can see why they'd want to come in - your barn is so open and airy it's like being outside, but cozy too. The dog/car love affair is just hilarious!