Tuesday, May 19, 2009

breaking news

The latest 24 hours have been interesting:

Danny is going home. Wahhhhhh. We love Danny. Danny's owner loves him too, so much that she misses him and wants him back at the barn that is closer to her. Danny is like a big dog and loves his owner's companionship, I completely understand.

Danny today in the paddock. Eating something, this is all I could get:

Then, Maggie got a mild case of colic yesterday. She will be so embarrassed that I'm telling you this, but it probably was gas. She's OK now. Here she is digging into the hay buffet:

Mackie, Bandy and I went for a peaceful walk up the fern path to ponder.

Then the dogs sat like this sniffing the breeze. Ah, that's nice. It's all going to be OK. Please ignore the hose, it's deployed to water one of our 349382083403 trees that we just planted.

Then, I look at the barn and the happy horses and know that it all is going to be OK. All is right with the world if your horses have dapples.

I don't know who will come to live with us next... I'm quite spoiled with the group here now. I have a few leads, but hopefully the right fit will present itself. Right Mackie?


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

That is sad about Danny, but your barn is waaaaaaaay to cute to not have that one spot taken again soon. Just remember to be choosy!!

As always your fern path looks so peaceful and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Danny is leaving - you'll miss him! Glad Maggie is feeling better - even a mild tummy upset can be very worrisome.

Horseartist said...

I love this quote, "All is right with the world if your horses have dapples." So much that I posted it to twitter with a link to your blog. I found your link on the COTH small barn thread. I hope someday to build/own my very own.