Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All is normal:

Java is fine, no reactions at all to her vaccines, not even a little lump. That is great. The only difference when I walked into the barn this morning was the water all over the floor and in Java's stall. She killed her Jolly Ball (for the non-horse readers, it's a ball, horse size, I hang hers so she can scratch on it) the other day. It is out of commission. Maybe Java decided to use her water bucket as her Jolly Ball. The double end snap was bent and broken, and she did not have a drop of water on her. She must have tried to use the water bucket to scratch on. I'll be figuring out a way to get that Jolly Ball hung again, the mess was not too bad, but certainly don't want to be dealing with that daily. Of course she pretended nothing had happened, and Mags snickered at me.

The day started out gorgeous, then clouded over and is now raining. Good thing the horses got a great full morning outside grazing.

Danny nibbling:

Java grazing:

Maggie supervising before going up top:

Oh, and Mackie begging to get into the back of the car... again. You can also see half of the pines we got yesterday in the background.

He's working it pretty good this time.


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Mackie is just too cute for words!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

awwww, let him in the car already!

ps: Shrubs look nice