Saturday, May 16, 2009

The club house

I'm sorry, but these guys crack me up. Mackie has somehow found a new goofy look and Bandy has a demanding stare going on.

With such tremendous efforts by the dogs I of course let them in the car, and they have been in there for hours so far today.

It's like their Club House. Maybe it's a dog's version of sitting on the veranda of the club house. I hope the initiation fee is not too high.


Anonymous said...

I've had dogs who loved to ride in the car - but this is carrying it to extremes! Do you think that they are hoping you'll take them for a ride? Or maybe they're afraid of missing a trip?

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Sadly we have more than one dog on the farm that is as bad as your two about wanting in the car!

The coon hound Bush is only allowed to ride in the old farm truck and he LIVES for this - even recognizes the keys to it! One time a belt broke and the truck had to be towed. One of my funniest memories is watching Bush chase the tow truck with the farm truck on the back down the driveway. He didn't get it . . . the truck was moving and he wasn't in it and that was NOT OK!!!