Monday, May 11, 2009

the girls and their world

The weekend was great, but I am exhausted. We planted 27 shrubs. Mr. Java's Mom did 99% of the work, but I am exhausted. Having to make that many decisions (where to put them) was a challenge. Plus the animals kept me busy. Danny is still Mr. Perfect, and Maggie and Java are inseparable... except if I try to put them out together... which I did. It was bliss, happy mares, no ears pinned, no tension, they were awesome. Then, one must have said something like "your butt looks fat in that fly mask" and they decided to get physical. Hooves flew and I yelled at them. Java was confused and came to me, still no tension, no ears pinned on either of the girls. I exited the paddock with Java anxious to make sure they were both OK. Both girls are just as obsessed with each other as ever. Too bad that did not really work out. If I had left them in there together (this was in the large top paddock) it might have worked out, but I could not risk it. Both Maggie and Java are fine, a couple of little cuts each, but nothing a little boo-boo ointment can't fix in a couple of days. Oh well, I tried.

Today, It's mostly peace and quiet. Very nice.

Java grazing:

Danny hanging out in his giant play pen:
Maggie in her sleek and stylish black fly mask. She is whinnying at Java in this photo because she is obsessed with her. Or... she might have been trash talking: "My fly mask is more stylish than yours, and your butt is definitely HUGE in that grey fly mask".

The barn, with a few of the shrubs that we planted yesterday:

Java is getting her spring shots in about an hour. Mags and Danny already got their shots before they arrived here. The thing you worry about the most with spring shots is a "reaction". Java has only had a reaction once, and could not move her head and neck for two weeks, whatever, no biggie right? The vet thought they would try out a new vaccine that year. Yeah, thanks. The vets felt awful, and had to come to the barn (barn we used to be) about about 3X a day to see all of the horses that had parts that were swollen and sore from that one new shot. That was the last time they tried that. But I still worry (I'm a little bit of a worry-freak). I'll know soon enough if she has a reaction, and as long as her tummy is happy and her injection site is happy, I'm happy.

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Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Crossing fingers for a smooth vaccination session for Java!