Saturday, May 2, 2009

spring showers

Java taking a break from watching what Danny and Maggie are doing. Or, she knew that they were eating grass or hay and that she should try that too. We're getting a good dose of rain on and off.

The hay in the loft... had to show you a photo of it, I'm so grateful to my hay guys. I thought to myself about this hay, eh, it looks OK. The horses love it. They voted it the "Best batch of hay so far".

Mackie requesting, stubbornly, that I open the back of the car so that he can hang out in there. It is raining at the time of this photo. I call him in, he won't budge. I shake the biscuit box, nothing. I bring the biscuit box out in the rain and shake it about 3 feet from him, he will not move. Here we are in the rain, and all he wants is to hang out in the back of the car. Mackie is 7 years old, and has only picked up this back of the car obsession in the last year. Very funny nonetheless. I took a biscuit out of the box, brought it to his nose, then he perked up and came running inside with me. I decided he was so cute that he could have two biscuits. I meanwhile am thinking: did he really want into the back of the car, or was it a big ploy to get two biscuits? I love spoiling the animals. By the way, bandy got one biscuit, she's OK with that. her hair is growing out and she cannot see that well and probably does not know.

I'm now going to call back someone who wants to purchase some semi-composted manure. Love that.


HorseCrazy23 said...

Happy Derby Day!!! Can't wait to see it! I just got back from teh Minnesota Walk for the Animals, and I raised over $1,000 for shelter and rescue animals! My friend even brought her mini! It was too funny!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Mackie is too cute. I think it was a ploy to get two biscuits and it worked!!