Saturday, October 31, 2009

Java, Lobster and Kale

The new horse is here!
His owner brought him over yesterday afternoon, he is settling in very very well.  Actually so well that maybe he does not need to settle, he's very... chill.

His name is Lobster.  Yes he is big and red, but he's a Dutch Warmblood born in the "L" year (Just like Java, born in 1997, when all Selle Francais are named starting with a "J"... Lobster was born in the Dutch Warmblood year of L) and the name Lobster stuck... and it's very easy to remember.  Convenient.

As we approach the barn right after Lobster has unloaded, Java perked up ASTONISHED that another horse is on the property.  Absolutely stunned.  Like when you were a kid and you opened the ULTIMATE gift and looked at your parents like, really, for me?!  That was the look.

They are quite cute. 

This is all I can get of him so far.  Maybe he's camera shy...

They both rested well last night, no issues.  Today they just came in to rest, and the wind has picked up, so it's a good time for their siesta.  They were out all morning in separate paddocks, and both quite happy but a little tired.  Java has a relaxed look to her face.

Mr. Java's Mom and I will be doing noisy leaf cleanup and then this afternoon Lobster and Java will go out again.  It's incredibly warm out, a nice surpirse.  Maybe they will dine al fresco.

I planted some kale for the Fall planters about a month ago.  I've enjoyed watching it turn colorful as the weather gets colder. 

I thought that it had bolted because one pot of kale got very stemmy... well, I was wrong.  Something ate it.  That's actually cute.

Friday, October 30, 2009

carhartt for women inventory

Mr Java's Mom knows that if you have the right gear, the day to day work is sometimes... pleasant.  I pretty much love all barn work, but hate being cold. 

So, to gear up for winter I received:
(you guessed right, these are the manufactures photos, my stuff is already in use and dirty)

Carhartt for women jacket.  Super warm, very comfortable.  Already very dirty.

Double front pants.  Double layered fronts for... stuff... like protecting you from poking hay when moving bales, general stuff.  yes, I'm wearing them for the second day in a row... and probably tomorrow too...whatever... in that yellowish color dirt just blends rignt in.

And, my brother and his wife got me these bad a** gloves:
they are waterproof baby.  that means that you can scrub the water buckets and not turn your hand into a popsicle.  Uh huh, these are pretty good gloves.

So I'm pretty well outfitted in Carhartt now... my current carhartt for women inventory is: a vest, jacket, summer weight pants, jeans, double front pants, gloves, and TWO pairs of overalls, lined and denim unlined.  It's OK to be jealous.

And, Mr. Java's Mom also got me a pretty flannel shirt. 

Wait, there's more!!  We are getting a new resident today... It's been in the works for weeks, probably months if I bothered to check, but he's arriving in a couple of hours.  I'm so excited.  Java is unsettled today probably because she knows that I'm giddy about something...  And, if all goes as I'm told, a third lucky horse arrives in about a month... we'll see... I don't count on these things until the horse is on the property.  You know horse people... we're ALL a little crazy.

If I can find the camera, I'll take photos.  I'm going to start looking right now!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Same old here.  Mackie did hit his head on the door again, this time on our way into the house.  My mom was with me, and I went to open the door and Mackie got his timing wrong.  Mackie, it goes like this:  I open the door, you walk through.
Mackie got the order mixed up and tried to go through before I opened the door. 
He head-butted the door and I stood there stunned.  I said to my mom, see what goes on here... who will believe me?  She said she does, especially since she saw it too and just about collapsed laughing.  Mackie is OK. 

Java in her stall for a second before I tack up and we go for a ride.  She's fabulous.

This would have been cute if it did not come out blurry:

Our house was built in 1738.  That's what the historical society says... 

There is a nice little cemetary down the street, so we went and looked for the original builders/owners of the house the Baley's (later changed the spelling Bailey).

Check it out!  Here they are, sheltered under this ancient cedar tree.  These headstones are in wonderful condition and we could read them.  They are the childern and grandchildren of the original owners of the house (some very young, 3 mos, some made it to their early 80's).  Right near these stones are others, not sheltered by the tree and the writing is almost totally worn off, but I'll go back and see what I can figure out... I think they are the older markers.  The stones that you see in the background are others, from the 1800's, other famlies, etc.

This is really exciting, and so... important... and historic.  And, it was not creepy in the cemetary, it's nice.  I'm hoping that there is a map of who is where in the cemetary.  I'm also hopefully going to get the historical society geared up to do more research on the house.  I'm so glad these markers are pretty well preserved.

Then we (mom and I) pull back into the driveway and I see that Java is happy as can be.

Next Post:  Exciting new things that Mr. Java's mom gave me...

Friday, October 23, 2009

All is well

A couple of pics...

All is well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's warm out... still wearing long johns, but it's really nice out.  The warm air has created fog... and I actually had the camera battery charged, and remebered to bring the camera outside this morning and the camrea worked.  The camera stars aligned...

Da Boss:

The usual shot:

The two tall trees in the far right of this photo are two trees that neighbor Jim decided to keep.... how beaucolic... pastoral... developer

We're mid leaf-fall now.  The oaks have barely started and the maples are done.  Odd, but still nice:

Java's barn in this photo looks like a nice little doll house:

The gang waiting for me... Java is in her stall having breakfast:

The new grass growing in the top paddock... how I miss using the top paddock.  Summer 2010 will be very fun and GRASSY.  Meadow like... ah, I can almost see it now...

Le Cabana:

We'll see if I can put two brain cells together and bring the camera out this afternoon too!!  Wow, the challenges that I set...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

rountine crap, but good crap

The sun only came out in the morining, and I brought the camrea out in the afternoon... hey, to say, "oh that's murphy's law for you" would be so much more polite than "well shit, that figures".  Well, lucky you, you get the polite and the not polite version.

By the way, I did not officially fall down the stairs yesterday (my mom was worried), I started to fall down the stairs and turned into a flying monkey and saved my butt.  I'm very sore today.  But I think I got all the splinteres out of my knuckles.  If you live in an old house, you understand this.  If not, well then, if you fall down the stairs and turn into a flying monkey and save your butt, you will not get splinters.  It has to do with wood that was cut by hand vs. by machine...  If I had not turned into a flying monkey I would have been very very hurt, so sore muscles and splinteres is cool with me.

Java rocks.
We rode.  She is perfect.  Still filthy, but good.  Maybe tomorrow will be the big bubble bath event... only time will tell.  Is this suspenseful or what!?

I'm filing as a farm with the town... it's taking up a lot of brain space.  I think I'll be able to hand in my application by the end of the week, then, it's party time.  I stink at getting big projects done, but this one will get done, and done darn well... Unlike my photos for the day...No sun equals less ladybugs for the day.  Here's ONE.  There were more, but not like the swarm yesterday.

BUT, there was another bird in the cupola today.  Jee, that's fun... trying to get a bird out of the cupola.  Two days in a row.

Life really is so good.  I think this is quite funny, and I love every minute.  Well, if I remember to bring the ipod docking station to the barn, I'll love tomorrow even more... but this is pretty good so far.  I hope you all had a fun, enjoyable and unpredictible day like I did...Without having to help each of your dogs with a poop issue... I ALMOST left that part out.  :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

no pics, tomorrow I'll have pics.

pictures tomorrow, but I did not want to leave you hanging... but there's no excitement just the usual:

Java's great.  Actually she's a filthy pig and it may be warm enough tomorrow for a bath after a ride.
There was a bizzare ladybug outbreak today at the barn.  I WILL get pics tomorrow if they are still there.  Really, lots o' ladybugs.
A bird got stuck in the cupola today, I spent a good amount of time getting it out, it was so pretty... and so exhausted.  It joined it's family outside the barn eventually and I hope that it is OK.
Mackie is absolutely in love with his $7 TSC dog bed, that is worth a photo too.

That's all I can remember, I'm tired.  It was a big day full of other stuff, like a refinance, falling down the stairs and somehow catching myself and now feeling it and getting sore, sweeping out an empty stall in the barn and blowing brown dirt snot out of my nose for a while, you know, stuff like that.  But I think I'm tired from lugging around the extra weight of long johns... 

Monday, October 19, 2009


This weekend was a whirlwind.  A cold whirlwind.
Got a great ride in, Java is feeling fresh with cool breezes, falling leaves, acorns and some branches.  We got a heck of a rain storm all day yesterday, and what is the ultimate rainy day thing to do?  Go to TSC (Tractor Supply Company)!!!  I'm in love with pellet bedding for Java's potty corner lately.  And, they were having a sale on the pellet bedding, so we loaded up.  Java's stall is sheer luxury right now.  Deep bedded with shavings, hay galore and under her bedding in that one corner, super absorbant pellets.  Cold lonely nights with the rain and wind outside, I think of her snuggled in her super comfortable safe stall.

At the end of the day, we went for a walk with the dogs (light rain at that point) and Bandy showed her appreciation by rolling in something nasty.   I love this, as I'm giving her a soapy lavender scented bath, Mr. Java's Mom keeps saying "Poor dog!!"   Ha!!  I'm the one decontaminating her from wildlife feces, and she's POOR DOG!!  Too funny.

And, what's actually funny is that Bandy is the one with hair over her eyes, yet Mackie ran square into the end of the door with his head yesterday, and about an hour later, ran his toe into the same door.  He's OK, and we got him a bed from TSC to help him rest up ($7 for a dog bed, $7!!).

Photos hot off the press from this morning:

Ah, blue sky... it's been a few days without sun.  But brrrr it's cold too!

Java watching the top paddock for spooky things:

Java watching me return from the Manure Cabana acting surprised:

Java getting bored with acting surprised and looking for something exciting to react to:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Java in her world

The norm:

Closer, and look... there's neighbor Jim's house... and flag pole.  it is a decent looking house, we'll let him stay.

I like to pretend that it's not there, and take photos without his house in the background:

Java sees... the grain delivery truck.  We got more alfalfa cubes... it's the key to keeping Java happy as the only horse here.  Java's best friends are me, mackie, bandy and... alfalfa cubes.

Uh, I'm going over here to watch, I want to make sure you don't want me to get on that truck:

Let's watch together. 

She plants herself a little closer as we unload the goods.  Java is trying to look thin so that I'll give her an extra large alafalfa cube mash:

The "aren't I a sweet tiny little baby horse look":

Ok, dinner time.  When she's ready to come in, lately she will put herself in this corner.  It's a good spot to see who is coming home, what the screaming child is doing across the street and to talk to me as I get to the gate to go to the barn.

Plus, we rode!  A really nice trail ride.  She was sound, and sane which was a nice surpise (the sane part) after the spunky behavior/bucking the morning before.  After our ride, I was brushing her again (she wanted to be sure to look pretty for turnout) and she made a point to help me find a tick at the very top of her tail.  I swear that must have been why she was bucking so much the other morning.  It must have just gotten her.  It's gone now.

Friday, October 16, 2009

moody weather

I was mucking Java's stall first thing, she was out in "her" paddock... a normal scene for us.  I hear commotion, and see her bucking, fussing and doing some pretty interesting moves.  I approached her at the fence, she reared.  Huh?  Well, I decided to not ride. 

Mares are funny.  She bucked more, completely pre-meditated bucking exercizes along the best firm footing in that paddock and was having fun.  It eventually started to rain/sleet so I brought her in.

This indoor happiness lasted for about an hour, then she clearly wanted to be back outside.   So, on with the foul weather gear (insulated rain sheet) and out she went.  This made her happy.  Oh ha ha, mares are funny.  Ha.

Finally she signaled to me that she had enough outdoor time and I brought her in. 

Snow was trying to form as I headed out to the barn to feed her dinner.

Shooting udpate:  hunting with shotguns are currently allowed in the state land for... SQUIRRELS.  Ahem, I don't think they were shooting squirrels.  I DO think they were practicing for tomorrow though.  Shotgun hunting allowed on most things that fly starting tomorrow: turkeys, pheasant, crow...

Hey, at least I know what to expect.  The guy at the DEP was very nice, very helpful, and the gear that Java and I wear out on trails he said is just right for safety.  (orange and bells)

About 10 minutes ago, 6 big beautiful turkeys were right outside my window.  I'd like to set up a little home for them here for the hunting season because I'd hate to count less than 6 on Monday.  I like to think that we have enough land that they will stay in our woods, but I know that's unlikely.  They are probably already in the state land finding a nice spot to hang out, hopefully not right next to a spot that a hunter is checking out for tomorrow morning.

And, the humans:  I met another prospective boarder yesterday.  "how soon can I bring my horse".  I say, tomorrow, next week, next month, whatever... she says OK, but I can't commit right now.  Uh huh.  Interesting techinque to look for stalls.  Right.  Java: It's you and me girl.  I'm thinking a mini would not have trouble figuring out if he/she wanted to live here. 

Sorry about typos, I still cannot find the spell check on this blogger post thing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

guns, cars and animals

Java is less lame... we'll ride tomorrow.  It's like a hoof (not leg or shoulder) sensitivity... I pray that it's not something major.  I'll wait for now. 

And, I awoke to shots in the distance... in the state land that we back onto.  But, it's not rifle/gun/shotgun/firearms/whateveryoucallit season yet.  Just BOW.  Like, I can't hear you bow hunting season.  So, I'll call the DEP (they regulate these things) and we'll find out if it's some really hungry hunters trying to feed their families, or some nuts who might shoot Mackie one day.  We're safe here, we have enough of our own land to buffer us, but if it's not time to shoot the guns in the state land woods to kill deer, turkeys or whatever yet, then don't wake me up at 6:30 am doing so.  YES, I admit, I'm supposed to be awake at 6:30.  SO, I'll get an alarm clock, there's not need for the gun shooting alarm clock.  Possum, that's another thing, kill them however and whenever you like.

I'll let you know what the DEP says tomorrow.  I'll be supportive and helpful.  I don't hunt, but don't have anything against it.

My car needed some work, mechanical work.  I had a loaner car that was a sedan for a few days.  Mackie would beg to get into the back.  Uh, Mackie, that's a TRUNK.

So what does he do the SECOND I'm home with the real car, my car, just about flattens me on his way out the door and sits a the back of the car to get into the back.  I deny him the opportunity, they vaccumed it... So, he turns away from me in disgust:

The usual barn shot:

The usual barn shot today, after the sun went away.  Leaves are falling rapidly, and it's getting pretty chilly.  Java is watching me:

Java in her dark Autumn wardrobe.  Getting fuzzy...
She has her pick of paddocks, and absoultely LOVES this paddock.  It's totally overgrazed, the smallest paddock here, and she loves it.  She is the happiest in this paddock, with less grass, more exposure and total command of me, the dogs and the house.  She is a good girl.  The grass is toast, but Java is still the best.

Bandy thinking something smart-alec-like:

Mackie is keeping guard of Java while she grazes.  He's like the herd stallion.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OK OK OK,  a little coaxing and I'm BACK.  I honestly went to do a new post... like two weeks ago (no I'm not 12, just being frank) and could not come up with anything that was worthy.  I wrote about 5 posts and they all... stunk.  Not that things are boring ...exactly the opposite, but things seemed trite, whiney and false.

So, it occured to me yesterday what I should do:  BLOG EVERYDAY... with a MIMIMUM OF ONE PHOTO and make it the TRUTH.  Not long wordy posts, but the everyday that several of us probably go through, and a general status update and to keep things upbeat.

For example:
Java's perfect (well, still a little lame, but I don't know what's wrong, but she's still happy as ever).
The dogs are so adorable that I've considered engineering a dumb waiter to transport Mackie to the second floor so that we can spend more time together. (we live in a super old house and the stairs are not Labrador Appoved).
A bird pooped on my CLEAN barn jacket sleeve in the morning and it was so cold that I ate my cereal with my jacket on and THEN saw the bird poop.  ICK.
Sun's mom (the horse that left a while ago) apparently has been to A LOT of barns and has not lasted anywhere for long, looks like she did me a favor by making the decision on her own to leave without me having to ask her.
I'm working on getting a ton of things done by the end of the month and actually forget to call family members back.  SORRY.
I've had plenty of boarding inquiries, and the one that I wanted to come the most can't ($) but I so wanted to come into the barn and greet a horse named Twinkie every day, that is good for a laugh daily. 

See... isn't this more fun?!  And there's so much to say when I don't feel like I have to write a story about it.

Same mediocre (spell check button, where is it?) photos, same Javacentric world.  Daily.  Just for you guys.

Glad to be back and I'm looking forward to writing a great blog.  A great blog that you will actually tell your friends about, friends that don't even have horses or get pooped on by birds.  They might like it too.  We'll see...

Sorry, I wrote this after it was dark.  Let's see what I can dig up for photos... somehow none of Java.  Well, that will be on the top of the list tomorrow!:

The Management Team:

Leaves starting to turn... sorry it's blurry.

This is actually a photo from last year, but it could have been this afternoon:

The mornings are a little darker, but the Fall light is pretty:

The boss:

The negotiator
(he's facing up the path with pathetic posture to evoke sympathy and  negotiate a longer walk):