Wednesday, October 14, 2009

guns, cars and animals

Java is less lame... we'll ride tomorrow.  It's like a hoof (not leg or shoulder) sensitivity... I pray that it's not something major.  I'll wait for now. 

And, I awoke to shots in the distance... in the state land that we back onto.  But, it's not rifle/gun/shotgun/firearms/whateveryoucallit season yet.  Just BOW.  Like, I can't hear you bow hunting season.  So, I'll call the DEP (they regulate these things) and we'll find out if it's some really hungry hunters trying to feed their families, or some nuts who might shoot Mackie one day.  We're safe here, we have enough of our own land to buffer us, but if it's not time to shoot the guns in the state land woods to kill deer, turkeys or whatever yet, then don't wake me up at 6:30 am doing so.  YES, I admit, I'm supposed to be awake at 6:30.  SO, I'll get an alarm clock, there's not need for the gun shooting alarm clock.  Possum, that's another thing, kill them however and whenever you like.

I'll let you know what the DEP says tomorrow.  I'll be supportive and helpful.  I don't hunt, but don't have anything against it.

My car needed some work, mechanical work.  I had a loaner car that was a sedan for a few days.  Mackie would beg to get into the back.  Uh, Mackie, that's a TRUNK.

So what does he do the SECOND I'm home with the real car, my car, just about flattens me on his way out the door and sits a the back of the car to get into the back.  I deny him the opportunity, they vaccumed it... So, he turns away from me in disgust:

The usual barn shot:

The usual barn shot today, after the sun went away.  Leaves are falling rapidly, and it's getting pretty chilly.  Java is watching me:

Java in her dark Autumn wardrobe.  Getting fuzzy...
She has her pick of paddocks, and absoultely LOVES this paddock.  It's totally overgrazed, the smallest paddock here, and she loves it.  She is the happiest in this paddock, with less grass, more exposure and total command of me, the dogs and the house.  She is a good girl.  The grass is toast, but Java is still the best.

Bandy thinking something smart-alec-like:

Mackie is keeping guard of Java while she grazes.  He's like the herd stallion.


Anonymous said...

What is it with the dog wanting to get in the back of the car? What is it with dogs and cars in general?

Glad Java's feeling better - hope it's nothing too important.

Terry said...

I'm glad all is well in Javaland. Love the pictures, especially the one of Bandy with the flower boxes in the background.