Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OK OK OK,  a little coaxing and I'm BACK.  I honestly went to do a new post... like two weeks ago (no I'm not 12, just being frank) and could not come up with anything that was worthy.  I wrote about 5 posts and they all... stunk.  Not that things are boring ...exactly the opposite, but things seemed trite, whiney and false.

So, it occured to me yesterday what I should do:  BLOG EVERYDAY... with a MIMIMUM OF ONE PHOTO and make it the TRUTH.  Not long wordy posts, but the everyday that several of us probably go through, and a general status update and to keep things upbeat.

For example:
Java's perfect (well, still a little lame, but I don't know what's wrong, but she's still happy as ever).
The dogs are so adorable that I've considered engineering a dumb waiter to transport Mackie to the second floor so that we can spend more time together. (we live in a super old house and the stairs are not Labrador Appoved).
A bird pooped on my CLEAN barn jacket sleeve in the morning and it was so cold that I ate my cereal with my jacket on and THEN saw the bird poop.  ICK.
Sun's mom (the horse that left a while ago) apparently has been to A LOT of barns and has not lasted anywhere for long, looks like she did me a favor by making the decision on her own to leave without me having to ask her.
I'm working on getting a ton of things done by the end of the month and actually forget to call family members back.  SORRY.
I've had plenty of boarding inquiries, and the one that I wanted to come the most can't ($) but I so wanted to come into the barn and greet a horse named Twinkie every day, that is good for a laugh daily. 

See... isn't this more fun?!  And there's so much to say when I don't feel like I have to write a story about it.

Same mediocre (spell check button, where is it?) photos, same Javacentric world.  Daily.  Just for you guys.

Glad to be back and I'm looking forward to writing a great blog.  A great blog that you will actually tell your friends about, friends that don't even have horses or get pooped on by birds.  They might like it too.  We'll see...

Sorry, I wrote this after it was dark.  Let's see what I can dig up for photos... somehow none of Java.  Well, that will be on the top of the list tomorrow!:

The Management Team:

Leaves starting to turn... sorry it's blurry.

This is actually a photo from last year, but it could have been this afternoon:

The mornings are a little darker, but the Fall light is pretty:

The boss:

The negotiator
(he's facing up the path with pathetic posture to evoke sympathy and  negotiate a longer walk):


Anonymous said...

That's a fun way to do it - and you outdid yourself on the pictures!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

That was an excellent post! Love the picture of java's barn surrounded by the fall foliage.

SoraSoul said...

yay, glad you're back. I really needed my Java fix :D

jill said...

I admire people who have something to say almost everyday. I just do not. I'm lucky to blog once a week, and even then I'm not too sure anybody really cares what I'm rambling about...that's the great thing about blogging! You can talk about nothing even if nobody cares, you never really know! ;-0
Nice to see a post from you. Hope Java's lameness completely clears up soon.

Horseartist said...

Glad that you posted again. I enjoy reading your stories. I can live my farm dreams vicariously though you, while I am that one horse boarder. Soon anyway, when I sell the other two...