Friday, October 16, 2009

moody weather

I was mucking Java's stall first thing, she was out in "her" paddock... a normal scene for us.  I hear commotion, and see her bucking, fussing and doing some pretty interesting moves.  I approached her at the fence, she reared.  Huh?  Well, I decided to not ride. 

Mares are funny.  She bucked more, completely pre-meditated bucking exercizes along the best firm footing in that paddock and was having fun.  It eventually started to rain/sleet so I brought her in.

This indoor happiness lasted for about an hour, then she clearly wanted to be back outside.   So, on with the foul weather gear (insulated rain sheet) and out she went.  This made her happy.  Oh ha ha, mares are funny.  Ha.

Finally she signaled to me that she had enough outdoor time and I brought her in. 

Snow was trying to form as I headed out to the barn to feed her dinner.

Shooting udpate:  hunting with shotguns are currently allowed in the state land for... SQUIRRELS.  Ahem, I don't think they were shooting squirrels.  I DO think they were practicing for tomorrow though.  Shotgun hunting allowed on most things that fly starting tomorrow: turkeys, pheasant, crow...

Hey, at least I know what to expect.  The guy at the DEP was very nice, very helpful, and the gear that Java and I wear out on trails he said is just right for safety.  (orange and bells)

About 10 minutes ago, 6 big beautiful turkeys were right outside my window.  I'd like to set up a little home for them here for the hunting season because I'd hate to count less than 6 on Monday.  I like to think that we have enough land that they will stay in our woods, but I know that's unlikely.  They are probably already in the state land finding a nice spot to hang out, hopefully not right next to a spot that a hunter is checking out for tomorrow morning.

And, the humans:  I met another prospective boarder yesterday.  "how soon can I bring my horse".  I say, tomorrow, next week, next month, whatever... she says OK, but I can't commit right now.  Uh huh.  Interesting techinque to look for stalls.  Right.  Java: It's you and me girl.  I'm thinking a mini would not have trouble figuring out if he/she wanted to live here. 

Sorry about typos, I still cannot find the spell check on this blogger post thing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm liking your new style posts!

Mares . . . I'm with you on that one - although this morning it was our geldings who were having a buckfest!