Tuesday, October 20, 2009

no pics, tomorrow I'll have pics.

pictures tomorrow, but I did not want to leave you hanging... but there's no excitement just the usual:

Java's great.  Actually she's a filthy pig and it may be warm enough tomorrow for a bath after a ride.
There was a bizzare ladybug outbreak today at the barn.  I WILL get pics tomorrow if they are still there.  Really, lots o' ladybugs.
A bird got stuck in the cupola today, I spent a good amount of time getting it out, it was so pretty... and so exhausted.  It joined it's family outside the barn eventually and I hope that it is OK.
Mackie is absolutely in love with his $7 TSC dog bed, that is worth a photo too.

That's all I can remember, I'm tired.  It was a big day full of other stuff, like a refinance, falling down the stairs and somehow catching myself and now feeling it and getting sore, sweeping out an empty stall in the barn and blowing brown dirt snot out of my nose for a while, you know, stuff like that.  But I think I'm tired from lugging around the extra weight of long johns... 

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Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I love the whole brown snot things (not). Seems to come with the territory at times.