Wednesday, October 21, 2009

rountine crap, but good crap

The sun only came out in the morining, and I brought the camrea out in the afternoon... hey, to say, "oh that's murphy's law for you" would be so much more polite than "well shit, that figures".  Well, lucky you, you get the polite and the not polite version.

By the way, I did not officially fall down the stairs yesterday (my mom was worried), I started to fall down the stairs and turned into a flying monkey and saved my butt.  I'm very sore today.  But I think I got all the splinteres out of my knuckles.  If you live in an old house, you understand this.  If not, well then, if you fall down the stairs and turn into a flying monkey and save your butt, you will not get splinters.  It has to do with wood that was cut by hand vs. by machine...  If I had not turned into a flying monkey I would have been very very hurt, so sore muscles and splinteres is cool with me.

Java rocks.
We rode.  She is perfect.  Still filthy, but good.  Maybe tomorrow will be the big bubble bath event... only time will tell.  Is this suspenseful or what!?

I'm filing as a farm with the town... it's taking up a lot of brain space.  I think I'll be able to hand in my application by the end of the week, then, it's party time.  I stink at getting big projects done, but this one will get done, and done darn well... Unlike my photos for the day...No sun equals less ladybugs for the day.  Here's ONE.  There were more, but not like the swarm yesterday.

BUT, there was another bird in the cupola today.  Jee, that's fun... trying to get a bird out of the cupola.  Two days in a row.

Life really is so good.  I think this is quite funny, and I love every minute.  Well, if I remember to bring the ipod docking station to the barn, I'll love tomorrow even more... but this is pretty good so far.  I hope you all had a fun, enjoyable and unpredictible day like I did...Without having to help each of your dogs with a poop issue... I ALMOST left that part out.  :)

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