Saturday, October 17, 2009

Java in her world

The norm:

Closer, and look... there's neighbor Jim's house... and flag pole.  it is a decent looking house, we'll let him stay.

I like to pretend that it's not there, and take photos without his house in the background:

Java sees... the grain delivery truck.  We got more alfalfa cubes... it's the key to keeping Java happy as the only horse here.  Java's best friends are me, mackie, bandy and... alfalfa cubes.

Uh, I'm going over here to watch, I want to make sure you don't want me to get on that truck:

Let's watch together. 

She plants herself a little closer as we unload the goods.  Java is trying to look thin so that I'll give her an extra large alafalfa cube mash:

The "aren't I a sweet tiny little baby horse look":

Ok, dinner time.  When she's ready to come in, lately she will put herself in this corner.  It's a good spot to see who is coming home, what the screaming child is doing across the street and to talk to me as I get to the gate to go to the barn.

Plus, we rode!  A really nice trail ride.  She was sound, and sane which was a nice surpise (the sane part) after the spunky behavior/bucking the morning before.  After our ride, I was brushing her again (she wanted to be sure to look pretty for turnout) and she made a point to help me find a tick at the very top of her tail.  I swear that must have been why she was bucking so much the other morning.  It must have just gotten her.  It's gone now.


Anonymous said...

Ticks?!!! This late in the season - that's yucky! Java looks pretty interested in that feed delivery!

Java's Mom said...

tick season here is spring and fall... i guess the summer is too hot for the wretched things.