Friday, October 30, 2009

carhartt for women inventory

Mr Java's Mom knows that if you have the right gear, the day to day work is sometimes... pleasant.  I pretty much love all barn work, but hate being cold. 

So, to gear up for winter I received:
(you guessed right, these are the manufactures photos, my stuff is already in use and dirty)

Carhartt for women jacket.  Super warm, very comfortable.  Already very dirty.

Double front pants.  Double layered fronts for... stuff... like protecting you from poking hay when moving bales, general stuff.  yes, I'm wearing them for the second day in a row... and probably tomorrow too...whatever... in that yellowish color dirt just blends rignt in.

And, my brother and his wife got me these bad a** gloves:
they are waterproof baby.  that means that you can scrub the water buckets and not turn your hand into a popsicle.  Uh huh, these are pretty good gloves.

So I'm pretty well outfitted in Carhartt now... my current carhartt for women inventory is: a vest, jacket, summer weight pants, jeans, double front pants, gloves, and TWO pairs of overalls, lined and denim unlined.  It's OK to be jealous.

And, Mr. Java's Mom also got me a pretty flannel shirt. 

Wait, there's more!!  We are getting a new resident today... It's been in the works for weeks, probably months if I bothered to check, but he's arriving in a couple of hours.  I'm so excited.  Java is unsettled today probably because she knows that I'm giddy about something...  And, if all goes as I'm told, a third lucky horse arrives in about a month... we'll see... I don't count on these things until the horse is on the property.  You know horse people... we're ALL a little crazy.

If I can find the camera, I'll take photos.  I'm going to start looking right now!


the7msn said...

Do those gloves have a model number? I have yet to find the perfect pair of winter barn gloves and those look like they might be just the ticket.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I am also curious about the gloves. I am on the search for perfect waterproof gloves . . . that aren't so clunky you have to take them off to do anything like fool with blanket straps and such.

Terry said...

Congratulations on your new resident. I hope it is a happy match for you and Java.

gtyyup said...

Yes, those gloves look very interesting! Gloves are the one thing that I've never found the perfect solution for during the 0 degree days.

Java's Mom said...

Hey Gang, the gloves are Carhartt, I have small hands, and the small is tight. I think once they get broken in and the insulation gets smushed down they will be perfect. Melissa - these might be warmer than you need. I think they have a lighter weight that is waterproof.
here are the bad a** gloves: