Saturday, October 31, 2009

Java, Lobster and Kale

The new horse is here!
His owner brought him over yesterday afternoon, he is settling in very very well.  Actually so well that maybe he does not need to settle, he's very... chill.

His name is Lobster.  Yes he is big and red, but he's a Dutch Warmblood born in the "L" year (Just like Java, born in 1997, when all Selle Francais are named starting with a "J"... Lobster was born in the Dutch Warmblood year of L) and the name Lobster stuck... and it's very easy to remember.  Convenient.

As we approach the barn right after Lobster has unloaded, Java perked up ASTONISHED that another horse is on the property.  Absolutely stunned.  Like when you were a kid and you opened the ULTIMATE gift and looked at your parents like, really, for me?!  That was the look.

They are quite cute. 

This is all I can get of him so far.  Maybe he's camera shy...

They both rested well last night, no issues.  Today they just came in to rest, and the wind has picked up, so it's a good time for their siesta.  They were out all morning in separate paddocks, and both quite happy but a little tired.  Java has a relaxed look to her face.

Mr. Java's Mom and I will be doing noisy leaf cleanup and then this afternoon Lobster and Java will go out again.  It's incredibly warm out, a nice surpirse.  Maybe they will dine al fresco.

I planted some kale for the Fall planters about a month ago.  I've enjoyed watching it turn colorful as the weather gets colder. 

I thought that it had bolted because one pot of kale got very stemmy... well, I was wrong.  Something ate it.  That's actually cute.


Terry said...
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Terry said...

Fat fingers strike again! I tried to send a comment, but I messed up. Anyway, Lobster is a lucky horse to live with you and Java.