Monday, October 19, 2009


This weekend was a whirlwind.  A cold whirlwind.
Got a great ride in, Java is feeling fresh with cool breezes, falling leaves, acorns and some branches.  We got a heck of a rain storm all day yesterday, and what is the ultimate rainy day thing to do?  Go to TSC (Tractor Supply Company)!!!  I'm in love with pellet bedding for Java's potty corner lately.  And, they were having a sale on the pellet bedding, so we loaded up.  Java's stall is sheer luxury right now.  Deep bedded with shavings, hay galore and under her bedding in that one corner, super absorbant pellets.  Cold lonely nights with the rain and wind outside, I think of her snuggled in her super comfortable safe stall.

At the end of the day, we went for a walk with the dogs (light rain at that point) and Bandy showed her appreciation by rolling in something nasty.   I love this, as I'm giving her a soapy lavender scented bath, Mr. Java's Mom keeps saying "Poor dog!!"   Ha!!  I'm the one decontaminating her from wildlife feces, and she's POOR DOG!!  Too funny.

And, what's actually funny is that Bandy is the one with hair over her eyes, yet Mackie ran square into the end of the door with his head yesterday, and about an hour later, ran his toe into the same door.  He's OK, and we got him a bed from TSC to help him rest up ($7 for a dog bed, $7!!).

Photos hot off the press from this morning:

Ah, blue sky... it's been a few days without sun.  But brrrr it's cold too!

Java watching the top paddock for spooky things:

Java watching me return from the Manure Cabana acting surprised:

Java getting bored with acting surprised and looking for something exciting to react to:


Anonymous said...

We actually use pelleted bedding for all of our stalls - no shavings - we like it a lot and the stalls are easier to clean and smell much better.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I love pelleted bedding as well. I used to use it under shavings but now usually bed deep with just the pelleted bedding. The stalls are so easy to clean!