Tuesday, December 2, 2008

back in action

We're back. Actually, I never left, neither did anyone else, but Thanksgiving is my excuse for being absent on the posting front. And I missed the 7MSN giveaway, and that stinks, so I'm never dropping off again.

SO, what did you miss here in the land o' Java?


Java: Doing the usual Java stuff plus more hair. She's getting good and fuzzy. By the way, she's still a little thin for my liking. I had her eating Nutrena, and think she got a little too lean from it, so she's on Legends and we love it. Already she looks better.

Mackie PLUS ONE. We got a new dog. It was almost 2 new dogs, but one of them wanted to run away, and this cute little thing decided we are awesome and is staying. The other one went back to his original home. Now we have Mackie (famous for rolling, snorting and slobbering) and Bandit (not my favorite name, but she actually comes when called so that's a plus) who is a Bearded Collie (with a haircut that I will let grow out) and is so far a total star. They look like quite the odd couple, but have become a total pair. We are all thrilled. Even Java likes her.

Creme: Happy as a clam, doing the usual eating, pooping and rolling. He's been very good.

The barn is still here.

Oh, and in addition to the new dog, we have another new addition: Mud.

Uh, Hello, I actually got comments, and have followers! COOL. In exchange for visiting my blog, and I am so thrilled you do, I will promise to post DAILY and sometimes more!! YESSSSSSS!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post! so happy to be caught up on the excitement. congrats on the new addition! (Bandit, not the mud) both ponies are adorable as always, can't wait to see new posts!!!

AP said...

I check it all the time! Was so excited to see an new post =] hopefully i'll be seeing you tomorrow. thanks for taking such good care of creme while i've been gone =]

Mickey said...

I'm happy to see you posting again. Yipppee. Love to see what your little farm is up to. Everything's looking lovely, and congrat's on the new canine friend. :o)