Wednesday, December 3, 2008

morning paddock time

Java and Creme: After grain and a little hay in their stalls, they go out. First thing in Creme's agenda is to decide which pile of hay is his (hint, it is whatever pile Java is eating from). Java barely seems to care as Creme swings his butt around time after time to threaten to kick her (I've seen many threats from Creme, but never seen him kick and aside from the one boo boo Java planted on Creme day 1, they have remained scratch free together). Of course if I catch him threatening, I give an appropriate "CREME!" growl. He acts shocked that I was watching and settles back down.

Then, before I know it, they are in a totally different part of the paddock eating something, tiny tiny bits of tiny grass?

Then they are completely separate.

Then... I see them back together near the gate. Creme eating, Java napping standing up - totally zonked out, I think she might have involuntarily laid down during it because as I'm mucking, next thing I know she is getting up off the ground, half asleep. oops.

Then the barn looks like this. Ah. Warm sunshine filling the clean aisle and stalls.

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Karen J-S said...

Beautiful morning there!! Everyone looks very content without a care in the world...just the way it should be.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too! We'll be seein' ya!!