Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I think she's happy

I think Java is happy. But lately, it's all "I'm bored" in the pictures. She went from being high maintenance, to almost no maintenance: "I want in, I want out, I want THAT hay, not THAT hay, and more water and this and that and a blah blah" to the new Java: "WHATEVER". I love the whatever version. One reason for her expression in these photos could be the blanket... she does not really like clothing. She has not had to wear a blanket since the rain we got on Sunday, she's a little happier looking, definetly extra fuzzy, but still very whatever. That's cool with me.

Here are photos this week of Java putting on here best "whatever" expressions. I think she's happy, right? Here are some examples (no she is not part Donkey or Mule, not that we have anything against donkeys or mules, but it's winter, she's not exactly show-ready lately).


gtyyup said...

When a horse gets to be a horse, they are most definitely happy! You're going to see wonderful changes in her if she's never gotten to live like she is now.

roentarre said...

The images of snow in the country is just magnificent!