Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As most of you are experiencing, the weather is wacky lately, this morning included. Currently frozen pellets, mixed with snow and rain. Not too bad actually. Java is looking outside, fascinated by the different sound of crunchy rain falling. I have her grain with me at the time of the picture, and she is in no hurry. She usually takes her time with breakfast. Creme meanwhile is wolfing down his grain as fast as he can, he's an enthusiastic guy.
And an update on the lot next door: yes, the woman who sold the lot is dumb and worse, rude. The buyer/builder seems to be a decent person. Not decent enough to sell the lot to us (yet, I'm an optimist). He says that he's going to put a total of one house on the lot for himself, and maybe an outbuilding out back (he does not have animals). He apparently has wanted that lot for years and loves it. The builder does not seem to be in a hurry, so I'll be thinking of solutions that benefit us and the animals. To be continued... nothing is going on there yet.

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gtyyup said...

That sounds encouraging with your new neighbor.

Yes, the weather is pretty wacky all over the Nation. It was 5 degrees here this morning and I just looked at the gauge on the shaded side of the house and it says 8...it's cold!