Monday, December 8, 2008

trail-ride-in-the-snow pictures

The ride yesterday was fun, although the snow really picked up with some wind. By the time we came home, it was snowing pretty hard. Still fun.

Java looking at me wondering, are we really riding in the woods in the snow? And why are you taking pictures?

Walking along... it's so quiet with snow on the ground. The line on the trail in front of us was a dirt bike that came through hours before us (I saw him leave before heading out).

Video (mom, video, you have to click on it to watch it):

Then, Java back in the barn watching the snow coming down:


Alison said...

i'm jealous! maybe this week (if it doesn't rain all week like it's supposed to) we can go for a trail ride.

Tracey said...

Oh...stop with the objectionable white stuff already!

I love how you've told your mom to click the I wonder if my grandmother misses the fun when I post those? She never says anything one way or the other.