Friday, December 12, 2008

moving on

OK, so the scenery here will change a little now that the neighbor sold the lot next door. And, yes, I tried to buy it, offered to buy it, etc. I'm no softy, I marched right over as they were staking the lot out and laid it out that I wanted that land more, blah, etc, called our attorney, checked our aerial photographs of his house to see what kind of stuff he builds, etc, on and on.

Let's move on with the following good thoughts (hopefully these will become true): one house, builder will move in and be a wonderful neighbor. Oh, and have a John Deere tractor. And, love horses. And, get whatever he's going to build built really fast so I don't have to listen to land clearing and construction noise forever. The snow is melted now, but it's a pretty picture for this post. The lot I'm referring to is behind the barn. All that woods out back is the lot, and it continues along the top paddock. There's plenty of acreage, so aside from some major clearing that they may do, hopefully it will all be OK.


It's going to be OK.

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Amy Jo said...

what a rotten neighbor that woman was/is. what a rotten person. karma is going to get her.