Tuesday, March 31, 2009

nap time

Java and I went out for a long trail ride, we both had a great time, the footing is about as ideal as you can get for CT. We are very lucky to have nice trails so close. Then, the herd gathered back up for:


Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh Boy!!

Java loves to jump. Loves loves loves to jump (me too) We've been amusing ourselves with logs on the trails, wood chip piles at home near the patio... and Mr. Java's Mom made a couple of jumps for us this past weekend. We started low, still SO FUN!!! We'll work out way up to the higher one (not shown), but for now, we're being good. Java and I did a warm up in the paddock, then headed out to the fern path. We will eventually have many jumps around the property.

I set up the jumps:

I call out to the barn for Java to get ready:

My audience (as I'm singing the superman theme song to them all):

And a little video. OK, so he's better at making jumps than using the camera, so below we have one jump and then video of his boots, but I'm not going to complain, we have a couple of jumps!! We love the jumps!! Just wait until we start jumping a stone wall or two, Mr. Java's Mom will get the video right that time! (not going to be tomorrow):

starting point for the day

I really appreciate the technology of Doppler radar for weather. I was able to monitor the rain to see when it would be gone for the day. The horses do go out in the rain, but if they can wait a couple of hours and go out in good weather, then we are all happier. So, here we are at our starting point for the day:

Maggie out with her sheet and borrowing Java's lightweight turnout since she is clipped and not used to "weather". She has figured out how to still get a good thorough roll complete with the sheet on. Today she nickered as I approached her stall to put her out and squealed when I let go of her halter. She still gets giddy at the idea of being turned out and really enjoys it. Of course I think that is wonderful that she is enjoying her days.

Java and QT up top. The grass is starting to barely pop up in the top paddock, so Java eats mostly hay up there and does not bother to find grass yet. QT likes variety though and will wander around, he's a busy little man. When he is in his stall though, he is all about hay hay hay more hay.

We'll see what excitement the gang brings today...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

today's events

Today was not as hectic as the week has been so far, and it was nice out. The horses must have known that I would be reporting in and made it a great day.

I moved Maggie to across from Java instead of next to Java. The girls were hissing at each other for a couple of days and we could all do without the drama.

Maggie in her new stall.

Maggie, Want to go out? YES YES YES YES YES....

MAGGIE got turned out!! Whoo hoo! The vet called and said let her out, the more the better. She has been on handwalk (before coming to Java's barn heaven) for over two months. She did this for the first 15 minutes (hello, maggie is a saint):

Then she ran to the other side of the paddock and back, screaming her head off, legs in all directions (slightly scary), and arrived back at me like this:

The gang at the barn did this:

And then they ALL wanted to be outside to enjoy (they had already been out all day, but wanted to join Maggie)...

So Java did this:

And QT did this:

just another day

Just another day here. Each day is jam packed with excitement that I'm going to update you all (all 7 of you) of what the heck actually goes on here on a "regular" day.

Some of the things that I don't expect will happen today, because they already did this week:
Java loose (easy drama free capture, thank you god).
Maggie leaping in the air every step of hand walk.
QT running away from me and me falling down in his stall, what the heck, I'm like my own sit-com (no snow to cushion this time!).
Neighbor doing annoying things next door as he prepares to build his dream house.
Rode Java (hopefully this will happen every day forever...).

Out I go. Let's see what the kids have in store for me today. I'm guessing a little bit of the above, with no loose horses today.

The herd as we know and love them: Sorry, the alignment below is currently goofy and I think you will be able to figure out what photo goes with which caption!

QT Pre Hair-cut, right now I know he is thinking about HAY:

Java thinking about... herself and how wonderful she thinks she is and what I need to do to make her even more happy:
Maggie thinking about someday soon rolling in the paddock when she gets permission to get turned out:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's here!

Introducing: Maggie. She is sooooooooooo wonderful. And very pretty. Java is still my girl, but Maggie is a real lady. She is here for rest and retirement. What a major sweetie. It's been 24 hours, and she has been a mix of perfect and rodeo queen on the end of a lead rope. This afternoon she must have figured it all out and is as great as one could ever hope for. Polite, pretty, loves Java and does not have as single bad or annoying habit. Maybe that part is revealed tomorrow. I'll keep taking photos and let you all get to know her more as I do too!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

hub bub

Several things today:

QT is laying down in the paddock, AND I got a photo.

One picture is with his head up. The other one he is laying flat out. I was far away because I did not want to disturb him. After a while he got up and I threw more hay out for him and took off his blankets so he could get a little sun.

We have another horse arriving today. Her name is Maggie and she is coming to live with us for retirement. She has been a successful show horse, given her all and her owner would like for her to rest up and get well here. I'll know more when I see her, but she is on hand walk only for now as she is recovering from an injury, but she will probably be out snoozing the the paddock like QT very soon. I know the horse from boarding at the same barn years and years ago, but have not seen her in a while. I adore her owner, and I'm so glad Maggie is joining us. I'm busy primping the barn and Maggie's stall and pacing anxiously for Maggie's arrival, and the dogs and horses are doing the opposite... and completely chilling out. So far, it's an awesome day. I'll post more photos later today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

comotion next door

Java and QT are taking the adjustment from frozen tundra winter to a very nice spring beautifully. It's the type of Spring where you want the horses out all day, soaking up the sun, napping and looking for grass. . Well... the neighbor (the one that is cleared the lot corner to corner) decided to grind the stumps. Not with a stump grinder, but a huge machine that another giant machine feeds giant stumps into, it grinds them, the chips go up a conveyor belt and into the back or a tractor trailer. Quite the PRODUCTION. They let me know that it is LOUD, and it's like a convention over there, everyone the guy knows must be coming over to see the giant stump grinder thing. So, Java and QT came into the barn while the machine is running.

Out the back door you can almost see the grinder and tractor trailer. They are very close to the property line. How...um...convenient. Yeah, convenient. That's OK, he borrowed a really sweet little vintage antique tractor with a york rake and got is stuck in about 10 minutes and had to use one of his backhoes to lift it out of the mess he drove it into. duh.

And... speaking of oops. What happened to QT's forelock? oops. I meant to get it out of his eyes. It was cute, but soooo long and I would go to pet him, and he would not see me coming and I though maybe he was head shy because of his huge long forelock. I'll just trim a little off. Well, lesson learned, I was in a hurry, and messed up. It's now shorter than I meant, and quite... blunt. I call it his Cleopatra look. Mr. Java's Mom is upset with me over this and thinks he looks girly now. Well, he can see better now. I'll work in making it look more natural. And, I'll let it grow back out. He 's still completely ADORABLE.

One more: Paradigm Farms... this one's for you:

Monday, March 16, 2009


QT's cute little round bar shoes have been pulled. Well... he pulled one by himself. So far, so good, he is comfortable and his feet are holding up very well. The other shoes are Javas old shoes from a long time ago. The shoes closest to QT's are were only on for two days... that is how many days it took her to make it clear to me that she was never going to wear shoes again, no matter how many times I kept having them tacked back on.

And, we got a hay delivery. It was about a week late, but the hay is nice so it was worth the wait. I think my hay guys are great. For you hay experts out there, this is probably not technically the best stacking job, but since they stacked the whole load for me, I think it looks just great.
Photos of Java and QT to be posted next...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mud patrol

Java grazing and treading lightly in the small grass paddock in front of the barn. QT was up in the big paddock. He is creating a mud pit from playing. He is still settling in and likes to make mud. QT's list of favorite activities are: rolling, making mud and... that's about it. Java sometimes needs a little Quiet Time from QT, and that is what she got. She grazed happily (on what teeny tiny bits of grass were perking up) and QT made mud and ate hay.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

something new, again

I should have known better. A couple of days ago I said something like - At least QT did not throw a shoe. Well, that day he did not, but the next day he did. Took me about 4 hours of searching to find it. So out he goes now, happy as a clam with one bell boot on over his one shoe. This pony is so happy I could hug and smoosh him. The farrier will come out and pull the other shoe and I'll be checking in to see how he does barefoot. Java is barefoot, I'll have her teach him how to rough it with no shoes. Java in fact is barefoot because that girl can pull shoes like it's her job. Last time I tried to get her to wear shoes, she pulled one 3 times in 2 days, ripping bell boots in half, while showing, the works. That was about 6 years ago. She simply refuses to wear shoes. Works for me. She is probably telling QT how to pull the other shoe right now...
This is QT yesterday as I'm searching for the shoe (for the third outing looking for it). He keeps a close eye on me in case I have treats for him.

I kept Java in her smaller paddock for the day because I was paranoid that she would step on the lost shoe. She decided to do this:

And I found the shoe outside of the paddock on the far side of the wood chip path. Crafty little guy did not lose a shoe, he chucked it. I searched for HOURS INSIDE the paddock, kept Java OUT of the top paddock so she would be safe, she decides to EAT the branches of 300 YEAR OLD pear trees, I did not clean up the manure in the top paddock for fear of driving over the shoe, and I found it at 6:00 at night OUTSIDE of the paddock, inches from where I DO DRIVE the gator. This is all pure luck, and I'm so glad we're all OK now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

progress with the beasts

Peace has been restored back here at camp Java. QT is settling in and so far today has not done anything insane. Java must be feeling sorry for me because she has been extra good these last few days as QT has tested my love for horses. Well, these guys are in luck, because I still love them tons. Mr. Java's Mom and I set up the third stall with mats and put mats down on the aisle. Java supervised every bit and seems to approve.

Monday, March 2, 2009

fun fun fun in the snow

QT and Java went out together for the first time today. QT has on shoes, so I put on some bell boots so he hopefully wouldn't pull a shoe we don't have too many disasters on one day.

They had a good time exploring together, Java made a few ugly faces so that QT would understand who is the boss, and ate hay. Separate piles today. They almost shared... but Java could not decide if she wanted to be that nice on their first day out together. I'm watching most of this from the barn as I muck out and get the barn in spic and span shape.

Fast forward to hours later.... The snow storm has picked up and is ugly - blowing snow sideways. QT comes in first. Before putting him into his stall, I attempt to pick the snow balls out if his front feet because of his shoes, and he takes this opportunity to exit the barn. I get a hold of the lead rope and try to convince him otherwise. He's gave me a big "whatever" and I lay sacked out, flat out in the snow as he takes off. Well there is a first for everything, and I have never been ditched in the snow by a pony, and, have not had a loose horse yet here. Well I can check those two adventures off the list. After a couple of minutes of him running around loose (me: heartattack) we tried again. The chain lead rope that I deployed was able to gently convince him to go back into the barn without incident. Meanwhile, Java, the same horse who spent hours pinning her ears and pretending to be all-ms.-uppity-too-cool-for-you-independent is absolutely unglued without QT and is a little disturbed by all the commotion (major understatement).
They are both in the barn now, safe from the storm, with clean stalls, fresh water and loads of good hay. As I tell them it's nap time and tuck them in, QT looks at me like "this place is great, what fun I'm having" and Java has this confused look like "what the heck just happened".

Well at least QT did not pull a shoe!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The new arrival

QT is in the house. He's a cute little guy, and from the photos you can tell that he has plenty of space and it does not look like I have to worry about him hitting his head on the ceiling or window frame top. QT is Java's new buddy. He is a gem. His full name is Quit Talkin' which is a fabulous name, and makes me laugh every time I say it. We also like to say that QT is for Quiet Time. We love quiet time here, it's so....... relaxing. Java wishes every day were a relaxing spa day. QT may help her find her inner zen and relax. So far he is doing a great job and both Java and QT have been relaxing well together. We are due to get a foot of snow, so turnout tomorrow with the two of them out together for the first time will be an event. Java is ready to show him all her favorite napping spots, and QT hopes to teach Java how to roll on both sides. I'll be there with the camera.

Tonight they are snug in the barn. QT was sent with a fabulous wardrobe and we are trying on all the outfits.