Monday, March 30, 2009

starting point for the day

I really appreciate the technology of Doppler radar for weather. I was able to monitor the rain to see when it would be gone for the day. The horses do go out in the rain, but if they can wait a couple of hours and go out in good weather, then we are all happier. So, here we are at our starting point for the day:

Maggie out with her sheet and borrowing Java's lightweight turnout since she is clipped and not used to "weather". She has figured out how to still get a good thorough roll complete with the sheet on. Today she nickered as I approached her stall to put her out and squealed when I let go of her halter. She still gets giddy at the idea of being turned out and really enjoys it. Of course I think that is wonderful that she is enjoying her days.

Java and QT up top. The grass is starting to barely pop up in the top paddock, so Java eats mostly hay up there and does not bother to find grass yet. QT likes variety though and will wander around, he's a busy little man. When he is in his stall though, he is all about hay hay hay more hay.

We'll see what excitement the gang brings today...

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Anonymous said...

Everybody looks content - it's nice that Maggie can go out now - it sounds like she's really excited about it!