Monday, March 2, 2009

fun fun fun in the snow

QT and Java went out together for the first time today. QT has on shoes, so I put on some bell boots so he hopefully wouldn't pull a shoe we don't have too many disasters on one day.

They had a good time exploring together, Java made a few ugly faces so that QT would understand who is the boss, and ate hay. Separate piles today. They almost shared... but Java could not decide if she wanted to be that nice on their first day out together. I'm watching most of this from the barn as I muck out and get the barn in spic and span shape.

Fast forward to hours later.... The snow storm has picked up and is ugly - blowing snow sideways. QT comes in first. Before putting him into his stall, I attempt to pick the snow balls out if his front feet because of his shoes, and he takes this opportunity to exit the barn. I get a hold of the lead rope and try to convince him otherwise. He's gave me a big "whatever" and I lay sacked out, flat out in the snow as he takes off. Well there is a first for everything, and I have never been ditched in the snow by a pony, and, have not had a loose horse yet here. Well I can check those two adventures off the list. After a couple of minutes of him running around loose (me: heartattack) we tried again. The chain lead rope that I deployed was able to gently convince him to go back into the barn without incident. Meanwhile, Java, the same horse who spent hours pinning her ears and pretending to be all-ms.-uppity-too-cool-for-you-independent is absolutely unglued without QT and is a little disturbed by all the commotion (major understatement).
They are both in the barn now, safe from the storm, with clean stalls, fresh water and loads of good hay. As I tell them it's nap time and tuck them in, QT looks at me like "this place is great, what fun I'm having" and Java has this confused look like "what the heck just happened".

Well at least QT did not pull a shoe!

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