Saturday, March 21, 2009

hub bub

Several things today:

QT is laying down in the paddock, AND I got a photo.

One picture is with his head up. The other one he is laying flat out. I was far away because I did not want to disturb him. After a while he got up and I threw more hay out for him and took off his blankets so he could get a little sun.

We have another horse arriving today. Her name is Maggie and she is coming to live with us for retirement. She has been a successful show horse, given her all and her owner would like for her to rest up and get well here. I'll know more when I see her, but she is on hand walk only for now as she is recovering from an injury, but she will probably be out snoozing the the paddock like QT very soon. I know the horse from boarding at the same barn years and years ago, but have not seen her in a while. I adore her owner, and I'm so glad Maggie is joining us. I'm busy primping the barn and Maggie's stall and pacing anxiously for Maggie's arrival, and the dogs and horses are doing the opposite... and completely chilling out. So far, it's an awesome day. I'll post more photos later today.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new resident - keep us posted on her progress. It's nice that you know her from before and that you know and like her owner.