Saturday, March 7, 2009

something new, again

I should have known better. A couple of days ago I said something like - At least QT did not throw a shoe. Well, that day he did not, but the next day he did. Took me about 4 hours of searching to find it. So out he goes now, happy as a clam with one bell boot on over his one shoe. This pony is so happy I could hug and smoosh him. The farrier will come out and pull the other shoe and I'll be checking in to see how he does barefoot. Java is barefoot, I'll have her teach him how to rough it with no shoes. Java in fact is barefoot because that girl can pull shoes like it's her job. Last time I tried to get her to wear shoes, she pulled one 3 times in 2 days, ripping bell boots in half, while showing, the works. That was about 6 years ago. She simply refuses to wear shoes. Works for me. She is probably telling QT how to pull the other shoe right now...
This is QT yesterday as I'm searching for the shoe (for the third outing looking for it). He keeps a close eye on me in case I have treats for him.

I kept Java in her smaller paddock for the day because I was paranoid that she would step on the lost shoe. She decided to do this:

And I found the shoe outside of the paddock on the far side of the wood chip path. Crafty little guy did not lose a shoe, he chucked it. I searched for HOURS INSIDE the paddock, kept Java OUT of the top paddock so she would be safe, she decides to EAT the branches of 300 YEAR OLD pear trees, I did not clean up the manure in the top paddock for fear of driving over the shoe, and I found it at 6:00 at night OUTSIDE of the paddock, inches from where I DO DRIVE the gator. This is all pure luck, and I'm so glad we're all OK now.

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