Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just another day

Just another day here. Each day is jam packed with excitement that I'm going to update you all (all 7 of you) of what the heck actually goes on here on a "regular" day.

Some of the things that I don't expect will happen today, because they already did this week:
Java loose (easy drama free capture, thank you god).
Maggie leaping in the air every step of hand walk.
QT running away from me and me falling down in his stall, what the heck, I'm like my own sit-com (no snow to cushion this time!).
Neighbor doing annoying things next door as he prepares to build his dream house.
Rode Java (hopefully this will happen every day forever...).

Out I go. Let's see what the kids have in store for me today. I'm guessing a little bit of the above, with no loose horses today.

The herd as we know and love them: Sorry, the alignment below is currently goofy and I think you will be able to figure out what photo goes with which caption!

QT Pre Hair-cut, right now I know he is thinking about HAY:

Java thinking about... herself and how wonderful she thinks she is and what I need to do to make her even more happy:
Maggie thinking about someday soon rolling in the paddock when she gets permission to get turned out:


Anonymous said...

Keep up with the riding Java part and ditch some of the the others - and your life will be perfect! (It looks pretty good already!)

gtyyup said...

It's really starting to look a lot like spring in your neck of the woods!! How fantastic!!

Everyone's got the look of a "happy horse" on their face!