Wednesday, March 18, 2009

comotion next door

Java and QT are taking the adjustment from frozen tundra winter to a very nice spring beautifully. It's the type of Spring where you want the horses out all day, soaking up the sun, napping and looking for grass. . Well... the neighbor (the one that is cleared the lot corner to corner) decided to grind the stumps. Not with a stump grinder, but a huge machine that another giant machine feeds giant stumps into, it grinds them, the chips go up a conveyor belt and into the back or a tractor trailer. Quite the PRODUCTION. They let me know that it is LOUD, and it's like a convention over there, everyone the guy knows must be coming over to see the giant stump grinder thing. So, Java and QT came into the barn while the machine is running.

Out the back door you can almost see the grinder and tractor trailer. They are very close to the property line. Yeah, convenient. That's OK, he borrowed a really sweet little vintage antique tractor with a york rake and got is stuck in about 10 minutes and had to use one of his backhoes to lift it out of the mess he drove it into. duh.

And... speaking of oops. What happened to QT's forelock? oops. I meant to get it out of his eyes. It was cute, but soooo long and I would go to pet him, and he would not see me coming and I though maybe he was head shy because of his huge long forelock. I'll just trim a little off. Well, lesson learned, I was in a hurry, and messed up. It's now shorter than I meant, and quite... blunt. I call it his Cleopatra look. Mr. Java's Mom is upset with me over this and thinks he looks girly now. Well, he can see better now. I'll work in making it look more natural. And, I'll let it grow back out. He 's still completely ADORABLE.

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Kate said...

Your barn is beyond gorgeous - can I have it?

The good thing about manes and forelocks is that they grow out! My daughter chopped my mare's forelock, and it's already mostly grown out. So there's hope - and you're right he's still plenty cute!

Thanks for the reply about the bar shoes - I thought that's what it might be.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I haven't surfed my blogs that I read in a few days - of course I LOVE the picture!! Awesome! :)