Wednesday, March 25, 2009

today's events

Today was not as hectic as the week has been so far, and it was nice out. The horses must have known that I would be reporting in and made it a great day.

I moved Maggie to across from Java instead of next to Java. The girls were hissing at each other for a couple of days and we could all do without the drama.

Maggie in her new stall.

Maggie, Want to go out? YES YES YES YES YES....

MAGGIE got turned out!! Whoo hoo! The vet called and said let her out, the more the better. She has been on handwalk (before coming to Java's barn heaven) for over two months. She did this for the first 15 minutes (hello, maggie is a saint):

Then she ran to the other side of the paddock and back, screaming her head off, legs in all directions (slightly scary), and arrived back at me like this:

The gang at the barn did this:

And then they ALL wanted to be outside to enjoy (they had already been out all day, but wanted to join Maggie)...

So Java did this:

And QT did this:

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Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Maggie does indeed sound like a saint!

I left a comment about "my" photo but I will say again that I LOVE it! I haven't had time to surf around to all of my usual blogs the last few days so thanks for telling me. It totally made my day!