Monday, August 3, 2009

Animals, Manure and...

Java is still perfect:

The beloved Manure Cabana. Bin #1 on the left, full. Bin #2 getting a Compostex cover adjustment by Mr. Java's Mom, half full. Bin #3 is not being used yet. Mackie is counting the minutes until he goes swimming with the koi.

My lesson (yesterday) has been delayed due to ... rain. Today we will lesson, it's sunny and gorgeous today. Mr. Java's Mom and I set up a faux dressage arena (put cut off fence posts with letters) in the top paddock so that I can practice... 5 whole days before the big Horse Trials event.

And, we might have found a ride to the event. The guy cutting down our trees has a good truck and trailer... for his cows. It's a stock trailer, as in for livestock. I personally think this is great, less for Java to get hurt on in a stock trailer. It has a new floor and apparently is in great shape, which is more than most people can say about their trailers. I'll go over later today and check it out. Mr. Java's Mom is worried that if it smells like cows Java may find this unacceptable. I'll let you know how it looks, and smells.

Bin #2 first temperature reading 152*:

We turned the manure in bin #1 again, with steam.
And the fern path. The paddock I've been rambling on about will go on the left. Trees (6 or 7) come down this weekend.

Bandy at the pond. It is actually very difficult to photograph her at the pond because she is moving constantly: running with stick, swimming, barking at Mackie with stick in mouth...

Mackie relaxing after his swim. He is saying "I feel so civilized after a swim with the koi".

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Anonymous said...

All looks to be well! I would love to have a Manure Cabana!